The Best Online Jobs for College Students in 2020

College students can make some extra money along with their daily educational and studying activities by performing part time jobs on internet. Since there are lots of jobs waiting for interested and skilled people, lots of companies & people are looking forward to hire those who had their spare time and want to get the task to be done by them as well as having capability of pursuing that task successively at the due time.

This is a good sign of a student if he or she decides to get a job at their spare time without affecting their studies and educational activities, especially college students have the ability of doing online jobs easily, all they need to raise the inspiration in their minds & make them love doing such jobs, having someone to encourage to start and keep the work on. Once you got started, you will then love getting more & more tasks to be done. And we are here to let you help in all of the above cases.

Being a student, you may know the expenses on education nowadays is so high, so it would be a great idea if you think doing online jobs in order to minimize the burden on you guardians in case their salaries are not enough for supporting your educational expenses as well as other family consumptions.

Well, if you have got extra time in your timetable of studying and are looking for online part-time employment then I highly appreciate your interest, in order to get your passion implemented at the right place and let you get jobs that you can perform easily without affecting your educational activities as well as you get paid the maximum you deserve, here we came with collection of the best online jobs for college students.

So what you have to do now is all that take a coffee or something cold, get set back and relaxed:) it would also be great to clear your mind from any other things and keep reading just like you are watching a cricket, hockey or football etc match of your favourite team at finishing time while the match is in the thrilling stage:) This in only to let you pick up the job that you can do within minimum time and to get paid of maximum amount.

Online Jobs students
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Table Of Contents

In order to make it easy for you to read only in what type of job you are interested, here are the titles, click on one to read about it.

Freelance Jobs



Stock Photography

Affiliate Marketing

Sell Crafts Online

Designing T-Shirts

Online Tutoring Jobs

Data Entry Jobs for College Students

Online Surveys Jobs for Students

Since online jobs for college students are of numerous types, we therefore listed few of them below in order to make it easy for you to start an online job of your interest and according to your needs and school schedule as your main purpose is keep towards your degree as well.

Online Jobs For College Students To Make Extra Money in 2020

Well, so here we are going to share those types of jobs that can be done even being a student. The below internet-based jobs can be done easily within your spare time, most of the jobs are project based so you don’t need to do it within a specific time, time-independently, you can do it whenever you are In mood. Anyways, Here’s the List of best online jobs for college students.

Freelance Jobs Online

Freelance jobs
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1. Article Writing (blog posts, product reviews etc)

If you are good in writing articles about any specific topic, then you can get hired as an article writer by desired people as there are lots of companies & online business owners looking for employers of such characteristics. If you wonder how people can know about me then I would suggest creating accounts on, Peopleperhour, etc where you can create a gig so interested people will get in touch with you to get your services.  While creating a gig there at the above places, you can explain what types of writing services you can provide. It should be noted that Writing is an art, and if you want to use your this skill for an online job, your writing should be good and to check grammar, is a good checker.

Triond, TextBroker, WriterLance, Online Writing Jobs…

A Quick Tip This is quite obvious that you may not be able to write articles professionally in first attempt even you are good enough in writing & grade in your classroom, that’s why I recommend first you start a free blog where you can write & publish your own blog posts, that will not only minimize your mistakes in articles & maximize the professionalism, but also while writing you will have to read other blog posts to get ideas and indirectly you will learn new things that are good for your career.

  1. Photo & Logo Designing

Another freelancing service is logo designing for websites and companies, if you have passion & good enough in either designing logos or photo designing, you can make a gig at the freelancing sites so that people can buy that gig from you.

These types of experts get huge number of jobs one daily basis as the scope of designing is so wide, you may know lots of websites, companies, institutes builds regularly throughout the whole world, and they are looking for a designer to design a unique logo for them or design & edit their photos.

  1. Other Freelance Jobs

Apart from the above two types of jobs, there are many more part-time opportunities for under-graduates to make extra cash in their free time. Few of them are such as voice narration, photo editing, video editing etc.

A Quick Tip: Go to and see what other people are providing, if you found something that you can also do, go and create a gig


This is a legit and freedom-of-everything way of making money through internet. If you are a college student and looking for part-time but freedom of time to work, then blogging is highly suggested because this is all about to make your own blog and cover the topics in which you are interested and are expert. Having a blog, you will have your own business which means NO ONE can force you about anything such as topic etc.

Also you don’t need to invest in order to start your own blog (at blogger with have free subdomain .blogspot and free hosting) which means you can get starting without having a single penny in your pocket. This part-time job can then become a full-time and your profession if you used it in its proper way as I’ve seen many other students whom started blogging from ZERO and are known as HERO in their communities.

While being a blogger, you will have to study other blogs of similar topics that you are around, so you will have to learn new things along with decent amount of money. So on one hand you will get paid through your blog & will make a road to your career for future with success while on the other hand, you get more & more info which may help you in educational fields as well as grows your respect in your family.

But there are many steps to be a successful blogger and is a little lengthy process. So you have either to wait tell we come up with another detailed article about start blogging and making money with blogging or search for the above two queries on google to get started now.

Youtube Channel

With your own youtube channel, you can also make decent amount of money by uploading videos to youtube, if you are skilled in something whether it is computer related or other electronic things, you can create videos to show solving problems occurs, if you are getting enough views to that video, you can then ask for partnership to incorporate ads on your videos, through those ads you will get money in reward of every click that a user clicks on an ad appears on your videos.

I’ve seen many students in my friends list who makes vides for youtube in their spare time and earns money through it. But again to gain views to your views regularly from search engines like google, you need to apply some techniques to rank It at the top of the google search results. (If you are going to do this task, you can search google that HOW TO RANK YOUTUBE VIDEOS or wait till our upcoming posts, we will discuss it in more details)

Sell Stock Photography

Another best way of making hefty amount of money being a college student is selling your photography. If you are a good photographic & can capture own photos then there are lots of advertisers and article writers looking for photos. if your photos accomplishes their needs, they will download and use it either in ad banner or elsewhere and you get the money in reward of every photo downloaded. For this you can upload your photos at photography marketplace such as istockphoto for selling.

Affiliate Marketing

A straightforward way to making some extra cash but a little bit harder for some people. This is simply to sell other people’s products on internet and get pre-decided commissions on every sale you made. This looks very simple but need hard work. The work is that you must have people of same interest as the product is all about and they needed it. As well as they have trust on you.  At marketplaces like JVzoo and Clickbank, you can get a product to sell and can earn money in case of commission. Commissions on each product is to be given by the product owners and are good even we’ve seen up to 60, 70%.

There are different strategies & plans to be a successful affiliate marketer, for those you can search google or read these posts at LindaFall and Charlesngo.

Selling Crafts On Etsy

Etsy is a marketplace where you can sell your handicrafts and vintages of any type. In simple words, etsy is a place of individual sellers and buyers to deal on their handmade things. This shows that people can get their things sold at a profitable price. So If you are good in such a job then come on this marketplace and bring things you can provide because lots of interested people are waiting for you.

To Whom this Job Relates?

Now, let me make make it clear to yo that, majority of sellers on ETSY platform are women. Since here, buyers come to purchase handmade things, from jewelleries to vintage, such as dolls, face masks, shirts, watches, kids toys and other things. Most of them are to be gifted to their loved ones. So, I would highly recommend this to women, and especially to those who can creatively design above things.

How to Start Selling on Etsy?

You can get started on etsy in few easy steps. I’d like to make it sure that you need need to pay any amount to post your crafts there. Here’s what you need to start earning.

  • Head over to and register yourself by clicking on Sign In.
  • Once you have created an account. On top-left corner, you have to click on ‘sell on etsy’. Once you do, You will be forwarded to a page asking you some information. As you are going to open your shop, place your items there, setting up your billing, currency and other information. So make it sure to do it with clear mind. Hence click on ‘start selling on etsy’ and enter the following details.

Shop Preferences

Name Your Shop

Stock Your Shop

How Will You Get Paid

Set Up Billing Information

And that’s it. You’re done with opening your own shop.

Designing T-Shirts

Are you a student having ability of graphic designing with having passion or someone around? If yes then you can make extra money being a college student just by making your unique designs to be branded on T-shirts. Websites like Teespring and Sazzle are the places for you to go and bring your personalized arts to make money by selling it.

Online Tutoring Jobs

Students having marvelous grades in their graduate & degree classes can get online tutoring jobs to teach others.  So for those students who are passionate in teaching others through internet and to make extra cash through teaching, having teaching experience in the corresponding subjects, online tutoring is a good choice for them.

There are lots of places on internet where interested students can apply to teach subjects of their own choice as well as to decide the charges their own. After clearing all of the basic essentials, requirements and qualifications online tutoring companies will hire students to provide classes on internet at a specific time.

For such types of online job, you can get into any of the below site and can watch the scenario by yourself.

TutorVista, Happy Tutors,

Data Entry Online Jobs

For those friends who didn’t found any satisfactory job in the above listed suggestions because of having no skills about those, i would suggest this one as data entry jobs don’t requires any qualifications or skills. everyone with having basic knowledge about using computer and internet can perform this job easily.

To apply for this online data entry job at home, please look at the below sites, you might find these useful.

  • Capital typing
  • HEA-Employment
  • Virtual Bee

Latest update: Since every single day, i receive tens of emails from students who are willing to start this job but need further assistance in this regard. But (sorry to say) due to huge load of other works, sometimes i am failed to reply everyone and keep going on assisting them. Later i thought why not to make a guiding video for you guys where you can get to know what steps(but not limited to) you have to take in order to get a job that pays you money from home. This video is already available on my youtube channel. You are therefore directed to watch it straight here.

Online Surveys Jobs for College Students

This is just another increase for those students who had got some free time and want to utilize it and make some decent amount of money working from home but didn’t have some freelance skills. Since online surveys may not produce much more money but you can start it as you are beginner to the online jobs, Along with this, you can learn the other jobs and can get skilled in it.

There are many companies and websites enables you take surveys to get paid, note that many of them might be scam, so be careful of it! Ask your friends here and there and get started with one that more suggests to you.

I am not 100% sure which website is best and not scam but from my short research, i found SWAGBUCKs more times suggested.

List of 60+ Online Jobs and Platforms:


Pay Rate: 20$ per hour

Job Type: Freelance platform

Where to apply:



Pay Rate:5$ per hour

Job Type: Freelance platform

Where to Apply:


Pay Rate: 22$ per hour

Job Type: Freelance design platform

URL to go:

People per hour

Pay Rate:50$ per hour

Job Type: Freelance platform

URL to go:

Pay Rate:27$ to 50$ per hour

Job Type: Freelance platform

Where to get started:


Pay Rate: 89cents per hour

Job Type: Online surveys

Link to apply for this job:


Survey Junkie

Pay Rate:  2$ to 75$ per survey

Job Type: Online surveys

Apply here at:



Pay Rate: 0.30$ to 0.60$ a day

Job Type: Watch videos online/ surveys

Apply at:


Problogger Job Board

Pay Rate: 15$ per 1000 words

Job Type: Freelance content writing

Jobs board direct link:

Blogging pro

Pay Rate:5$ per 500words

Job Type: Freelance content writing

Blogging Pro jobs board URL:


Freelance Writing

Pay Rate: 5$ to 50$ for 500words

Job Type: Freelance content writing

How to apply:



Pay Rate: 2k$ to 5k$ per month

Job Type: Freelance content writing

Contena website:



Pay Rate:12$ to 24% per hour

Job Type: Freelance

Apply at:



Pay Rate: 5$ to 100% per job

Job Type: Freelance affiliate and marketing


Design job board

Pay Rate: 10$ to 100$ per job

Job Type: Freelance design platform

Where to get Design Jobs:


Authentic Jobs

Pay Rate: 30$ to 100$ per hour

Job Type: Freelance platform

Website to get Authentic Jobs:



Pay Rate: 4$ to 12$ per hour

Job Type: Transcription job

Rev URL for Online Transcription Jobs:



Pay Rate:5$ to 25$ per hour

Job Type: Transcription

Get started on Scribie as a Transcriptionist:



Pay Rate: 10$ per job

Job Type: Website and online platform testing

Start earning at:


Mashable job board

Pay Rate: 14$ per hour

Job Type:  social media management

Visit here to get started:

Pay Rate: 16$per hour

Job Type:  Social media management

Get a social Media Management job at:



Pay Rate: 10cent to 10$ per 1000views

Job Type: Video streaming



Pay Rate:21$ per hour

Job Type: Video Editing

Become a Video Editor at:


Creative Cow Job Search

Pay Rate: 21$ per job

Job Type: Freelance creative art and design



Pay Rate: 25$ to 100$ per hour

Job Type: Freelance filmmaking gigs

Apply at:



Pay Rate:25$

Job Type:  Food Delivery

Website link for postmates:



Pay Rate:25$ an hour

Job Type: Freelance Delivery service

Where to apply:


Ipsos I-say

Pay Rate: 5$ to 10$ per survey

Job Type: Online Survey

Website to get started:


Springboard America

Pay Rate:5$ to 10$

Job Type: Online surveys

Direct site link:



Pay Rate:10$

Job Type: Online shopping survey



Pay Rate: 10$ to 100$ per hour

Job Type: Freelance online jobs

Get started at:



Pay Rate:10$ to 100$

Job Type: Data analysis

Get Data Analysis tasks at:



Pay Rate: 8$ per hour

Job Type: Surveys



Pay Rate: 10$ to 100$ an hour

Job Type: Call Reviewer

Work Online as a Call Reviewer at:



Pay Rate: 8$ to 100$ per task

Job Type: Mystery Shopping



Pay Rate: 8$ to 100$ per task

Job Type: Mystery shopping

URL to go:


Perception Strategies

Pay Rate: 8$ to 100$ for a task

Job Type: Mystery shopping




Pay Rate: 8$ per test

Job Type: Web testing



Trymy UI

Pay Rate: 10$ per test

Job Type: Web/software testing

Test websites or softwares at:



Pay Rate: 10$ to 10$ per test

Job Type: Device testing

Website Link:


Slice the Pie

Pay Rate: 2$ to 25$ per review

Job Type: Music review




Pay Rate: 10$ to 20$

Job Type:Online teaching

Work as online tutor at:



Pay Rate: 20$ to 30$ per hour

Job Type: Sales agent

Get this job at:



Pay Rate: 10$ to 50$ an hour

Job Type: Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual assistant at



Pay Rate: 5$ to 35$ an hour

Job Type: Virtual social media moderator

Link to go:



Pay Rate: 10$ to 100$  an hour

Job Type: Various remote jobs


Axion Data

Pay Rate: 5$ to 35$ an hour

Job Type: Virtual job of typing

Apply at



Pay Rate: 10$ to 40$

Job Type: Online data analysis and management

You can get this job at



Pay Rate: 18$ an hour

Job Type: Teaching English online

Become an English Teacher at



Pay Rate:8$ an hour

Job Type: Reservation Agent

Pay Rate: 8$ to 30$ an hour

Job Type: Teaching students online



Pay Rate: 18$ to 22$

Job Type: Teach English online

Get an English teaching job at



Pay Rate: 8$ to 25$ an hour

Job Type: Transcribing/Typing

Start Transcribing at

Pay Rate: 5$ to 100$ per project

Job Type: Record and sale your voice online



Pay Rate:5$ to 50$ for 500 words

Job Type: Freelance writing

Get paid for your writing at


Final Verdict

As a psychological point of view, Performing Online Jobs by students is good to utilize their spare time on one hand while it is will also convert their boring time into excitements every time they got a success. While as an economical point of view, online jobs for students can maximize the rate of revenue earns to support their families & keep their education continuous while on the other hand, if you are getting success, online jobs will make the race of career bright in future. As well as you will continuously learning more things while reading others articles on their blogs to build ideas for your new projects.

So it would be great to pick up a suitable job from the above list that you can do to get all of the above benefits. If you didn’t gets any satisfactory job listed then don’t worry we will come with few more types of internet-based jobs for students so it is possible to get a job that you can do easily.

Your Comments On This Post

Your comments on the above post are highly appreciated; please let us know how did you found this post and jobs we talked about? Did you got any job suitable for you? Do you are performing any other job but not listed above? Did you need more tips about any job? Common in the comment section or contact us to discuss further.


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        If you are good in logo and photo designing, the easiest way is to make a gig at and promote it on social media profiles. Look in some google+ communities and forums, if someone is looking for logo designer, simply reply the them and let they know about your services.

        Also you can search for facebook groups such as Logo design, logo designers etc. Look at those groups if someone’s asking for logo designer. Also do share you gig on that groups.

        If you had created a gig at Fiverr, but didn’t got anyone to sell your gig, head over to google and read some guides about “How to get success in fiverr”…

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      Also their are many communities and groups where lots of experts are ready to help and guide you.

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      I wouldn’t agree with you suggesting PTC sites for making money. There are lots of reasons, here are few.
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      4. Working for clients with your skills will add up DECENT money. plus many more…

      I would never encourage my readers to go for it. What i believe in is SKILL, first get skilled (according to your passion and clients demands) and then to work to earn.

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      Hello Kumudha!

      I glad to see students interested in doing online jobs. You can get jobs online to do, but you need to be skilled in what the client need from you. If you have any specific skilled e.g Writing, graphic designing, data entry etc then you should visit the resources mentioned in above article and can apply for available jobs.

      In case of any issues, feel free to contact us, we will try to help you out the full process.

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    I know it looks time-consuming to learn before you start earn but it’s the fact and you can’t earn even a penny(legitimately) if you don’t have skilled. Once you’ve got skilled in right field, You can’t imagine how much you will earn through it.

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    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi Rimpa!

      first, you will need to by fully interested in order to fully impress clients and provide services that satisfies them. I’ve shared the link in reply to the third comment to your’s. please have a look at that web site, you can find article writing jobs as well.

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi Kevin!

      if you have right skills as well, you can make money you might not have dreamed of!!!
      Don’t waste your time anymore, we’ve shared the freelance platforms with you above, feel free to make use of them…

      Good Luck

  16. Isha

    Sir, I recently applied for an online typing job
    I am college student.. the job requires investment in the name of security and account fees.
    The amount is high.
    Are these jobs a scam?

    Is there anyother job you may suggest?
    Freelance writing is of my interest area
    Any sites related to that?

    If you may, it’d be of great help.

  17. thebasheer11 Post author

    Hi Isha!

    I would never encourage you for such jobs, as a student, i know you don’t have much to invest as there are chances to get scammed on internet.

    You can easily find jobs at this link. Just keep visiting the page whenever you are free, this is the best freelance platform where individual people are posting jobs to get clients.

    You don’t have to pay anything, just create free account and keep sending proposals and impress the client by your words.

    If you need any further help, we are here to help you out. please keep reading our blog posts and stay connected with us. Or contact us directly.

    1. thebasheer11 Post author


      Have you tried any freelance site yet? Have you any samples of your written articles?

      Actually there are hundreds of jobs posted on freelance jobs posting sites that i see, you can easily apply for them and can write for them.

      I can help you get started with writing jobs if you are really hard working, just send me an email or wait till I come with my new article in next week where i’ll be sharing few more trusted sites that i use my own to make money on….


    sir, i applied for an online writing job and i was required to have a three years experience while am a beginner what am i suppose to do??
    fashion and design is my interest do you have sites that are related to that.

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Don’t worry dear!

      Very shortly, we’ll be sharing few freelance sites where you can apply for jobs that are posted by individuals and most of them don’t look at your previous experience, just impress them and it would also be great to write/show a good sample…

  19. thebasheer11 Post author

    Walaikum Salam!

    I have already shared many useful and trusted sites where you can easily create a free account and start selling your services of any type. If you have created an account but need help, just send us an email, We’ll be happily there to help hard-working students.

    Also, I am planning to write a new article where i’ll share my personal experience with different sites and how you can get freelance jobs etc, Just make sure you have subscribe to our latest posts so you will not miss that article. If you didn’t yet, just enter your email id in the box provided at right sidebar above.

  20. naseer ahmed

    Aasalamualaikum sir!

    iam a student of degree and iam intrested in data entry jobs i want to earn money in free time so plz tell me how to apply for this job….

  21. Imran

    I want to do data entry job but its links are not working properly or page hasnt open so plz guide me.
    waiting for your positive response

  22. Vinod

    Sir, tnx for this precious info. I’m a student I require a part time job I googled but I was so disappointed because each and every website which I visited were asked me to pay for registeration fee.
    Thank you

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi dear Rehman!

      If you have talent and real passion of teaching, the good news is that you can easily find teaching jobs online, we’ve already published an article where i’ve shared the requirements and some trusted sites as well, if you can’t find that article, just click on this link.

      After reading that article, if you still not clear on anything, feel free to contact me, I always reply to students they are serious…

      Best of Luck!

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi Deeksha!

      I’d agree with your choices, Both are quite good. From me blog is preferred if you are hard-worker. I’ve already give a touch in the above article on how to get started, if you still have any questions regarding it, just google it, or contact me via our facebook page or using the contact form.

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Umer Brother!

      The first thing i’d like to say about online jobs is that it doesn’t matter in which subject you’re enrolled in your college/university… It depends upon your skills, the more skilled in a field, the more you’re chances to get jobs and earn money. Where skills depends upon your passion and interest that what you want to learn and do. So please take a look at the above article once again, look which type of job you found interesting, then you can start learning them online and try to find jobs of that…

      One more thing is that where you can learn and get skilled, Don’t worry I’ve noticed that and may share some free websites/tutorials in which you will learn of your choice things for free in my upcoming blog posts… I am planning right now and will start finding-writing-and-sharing once I got some free time…

    1. thebasheer11 Post author


      Looks like you haven’t read our article fully, please take your time to read it so that you will get some ideas…

  23. thebasheer11 Post author

    Dear Deeparaj!

    I have already shared many legitimate types of jobs and the best sites for them to apply…. Please make sure you have read our articles clearly, still if you are facing any problem getting started, feel free to comment or contact me, I’ll be there to help you out…

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hello Brittney! Please make sure you’ve read out full article as we’ve already mentioned few websites where you can start selling your stock photography. So read that section once again in case you may missed it.

  24. himanshi

    Hey , actually I want to know what kind of job has data entry consist . can I know the full description about data entry job ….
    Waiting for your reply .

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi… We’ve already a detailed article on data entry. Please check at the right upper sidebar and find the link, click on it and read. Hope you get useful info there.

  25. George

    Hi……. am from Kenya. am also interested on online jobs. am experienced in audio and video editing. am also interested with online writing jobs. if you find any please suggest for me.
    Thank you very ,much

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi Jayson!
      Do you want to teach mathematics and earn money? If it so I’ve three suggestions for you.
      1. Check out this website (or others like upwork, freelancer etc) you’ll see people post jobs here, if you found one needs a mathematics teacher, you have to send them a proposal and discuss with them about timeframe and price.

      2. Try out online tutoring sites. On this topic we’ve listed some good tutoring sites. please go and check it.

      3. You can also earn huge by creating a youtube channel, uploading your own maths tutorials, once your videos ranked on youtube, you can put ads on it and can earn money through it. Even i can share free video course with you on how to earn money from youtube if you’re really interested.

      If you still not sure what to do, feel free to contact us, we always open for interested and talented students to guide them.

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi Lydia!

      We’ve another article where you can get some resources and guide on how to move forward with vocal narration and make money. Please check it out at this link.
      After reading this, if you still have any problem, do comment there and we’ll try to help you out.

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi Franklin!

      Thanks for appreciating our ideas. I didn’t got your question, about which platform you’re talking about? Getting payment is very easy on almost all sites. If you please specify the one you wanna about their payment process, we’ll let you know how that works…

  26. Sara

    Hello, I am studying Design and Visual Communication in the German Jordanian University, I am interested in the logo and t-shirt design. How can I apply for this?

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Dear Sara!

      You’ve the skills that have much demand nowadays, all you need is get started. We’ve already shared websites where you can get sell your services.
      For example under T-shirt design section, we’ve shared two sites teespring and sazzle, just visit any of that site, create an account and bring your designs there.

      For logo designing, you can join fiverr,, or upwork etc platforms where you can sell logo designing sertices to individual buyers very easily. IF you still face any problem in these platfoms, feel free to comment here or contact us, we’ll be guiding you as doing others…

      Best of luck!

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hello jot, I have already shared many ways and sites where you can create your account and can start doing online jobs, please make sure you have read the above article and follow the steps mentioned, still if you are facing any problem, let me know I will help you.

  27. Casandra Walker

    Good day,

    I am interested in an online survey job, May I be assisted with the requirements and basic information?

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi Casandra!
      Have a Great day too. Haven’t you checked out the last item of the above list? we’ve a brief on online survey jobs and shared some useful resources as well where you can get started. Please make sure you’ve checked it. Still, if you’ve any confusion, you can contact us for further help.

  28. sana

    i’ve done CA&OP (Computer Application & Office Professional) course 1 year and now i need this job. please guide me how i apply to the Data entry job.

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi Sana!

      Hope you’re doing well. I already have shared few sites to do such jobs. Make sure you have watched the video tutorial regarding it, as I have explained in it in full details.

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      You can sell it at shuttorstock etc, but I would personally prefer to provide your services online as a freelancer if you are really good in photo editing.

  29. Taimoor Arif

    Hi!! My name is Taimoor. I am interested in online survey and online tutoring job can you help me please

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi Taimoor!

      We already have shared a detailed article in our blog section regarding online tutoring. Please head over to that section to get your answers. Still, if you have other question, feel free to contact me.

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi Prince!

      Glad you’re interested in doing these both jobs. Which type of job you want to do in freelance? As we already have explained the in details.

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi Navi…

      Thank you for your appreciation, we are doing our level best to deliver all the info we have.

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi Mujtaba!

      I will suggest you do two things.

      One is create a gig on fiverr, explain what types of data entry services do you provide. People will buy your gig. (Just in case you’re not familiar with it, we have had a complete guide about it at

      Second is to create an account on a website providing such jobs directly. I have already shared them in this post above.

      I would personally suggest the first one.

      If you face any problem, feel free to reply me here to resolve.

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