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I have come after a long time to share a new way of making money from internet. It’s actually not a new way but since other people either don’t give it the importance or may be due to selfishness, they don’t want to know others about this type of job available on internet.

Actually, we are talking about Online Voice Over Jobs, whose clients are increasing day by day like the others jobs we discussed earlier. In this article, I’m gonna share the full scenario and its basic requirements for you so that you will easily understand whether this job is for you or NOT.

We will be going through the full explanation process step-by-step in order to let you understand easily. Since our main focus is finding and sharing online jobs that are good for college students (but not limited to) that’s why we writing up in simple words in order to make it understandable for everyone.

voice over jobs

So before we get started with resources where you can get clients for this job, it would be great to clear your mind of few common questions that may arises in your mind. Here’s what they are?

What are Voice Over Jobs?

In voice over, your duty is only to speak in your own mind on the given videos.  In simple words, you will be given a written script which you have to speak accordingly and record it on your computer. Watch the recorded video, if it looks fine, hand over to the clients and you are done.

So if you are blessed with a sweet voice then why not utilize it and make it a way to make money from internet.

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Basic Requirements for Voice Over Jobs?

Qualification: One thing I am always mentioning that, educational qualification doesn’t matter a lot when we are talking about online jobs. Clients don’t care about your education.

Age and Gender:  Yes it matters aggregately, but it varies from client to client, so you don’t have to worry anything about this. Actually some clients would prefer a person with age limit 17-30 while other may prefer elder than that. So you need to find someone according to your age. When it comes to gender, I’ve seen some clients who need only Males while other are looking for only Females but again it isn’t any issue. There are some who even don’t care about it. They actually needs a beautiful voice to be added to their videos. That’s all for them.

 Voice: It is quite definite that the more your voice is sweet such that it attracts people’s mind, the more you are chances to get hired.

Speaking Skill: Along with the sweet voice, in voice over jobs you need to have to be good command over  English language as well as ability of narration such that it attract watcher’s mind.

How to Find Clients for Voice Over Jobs

So you have read the above portion of this article and found the ability in yourself to perform such tasks then you can make it your home-based online job and can earn decent amount of money. Since It is all clear therefore, now let’s see what are the available resources to find clients and start working for them.

Freelance Voice-Over Jobs Online at UpWork

Upwork, which is one amongst the most famous online job board sites and is known to almost every single freelancer as it has tons of clients bringing for them. Along with all other categories where freelancers are ready to send proposals when a client post a job has a category voice over. Since you are looking for voice-over jobs you have to go through THIS LINK where you will find most recent posted jobs by clients that all will be about voice-over. So browse that page, find which one you can do and read about their descriptions. If you already have an account go ahead with proposal while if you don’t have, first create an account and then send a proposal.

People Per Hour – Another Place to Find Voice Over Jobs

Now, let’s try out my favorite platform. I am surfing my most of the time on this platform and I found many types of jobs published every day and one of them is Voice-Over. As compared to upwork, I found less jobs under this category but you still have chances to get hired as some good number of jobs are posted daily on this platform.

So what you need to do is take a look at latest published jobs at peopleperhour and browse for what you are looking for, once you found a job posted, read the description, if you are able to do it. The next step is to send a proposal for it. It will asks you to log in before you do it. If you already have an account, just log in while if you don’t have an account of PPH yet, then create an account as fast as possible and go through the process once again.

Note that if you have just created an account and not yet sent a proposal, for the first time you’re sending a proposal, it takes some time because you need to fill out some details including CV and other information about you. Once you submitted, it usually taking 24 hours to get verified, once you did that, you can send up to 15 proposals a month now.

Voice over Jobs at Voices.com

Voice.com which promotes himself as the world’s no #1 marketplace for voice over. But do you know who makes it able to be the #1?  Absolutely freelancer voice producers like you! Don’t be wondering, it’s the truth you are hearing.

If you need a bit to know about it before you got through it, unlike the upwork and PPH we just discovered above, it is a specialized platform for voice-overs where clients thirst of voiceover project are ended and producers are getting hired.

Since you are skilled in production, so you will need to create a free account in order to browse the already published jobs and apply for them.  After account creation, you will be asked to upload at least one sample of your work which will make your profile trust-able.

That’s fair enough for now dear students. Hope you have got a new idea through our today’s article. We are planning to shoot you by another article with new ideas and resources, in order to get notified, subscribe to us by email and we’ll inform you. To subscribe, visit our homepage and find out email box at right sidebar.

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