How to Turn Your Passion for Gaming into a Profitable Business

You’re probably thinking all the time about your next big adventure. It would be even better if this new thing you are about to do would bring a financial gain. If you end your day with some explosive games just for relaxation, it means that the answer was just under your nose. The gaming industry has expanded in all directions lately, and it is not just about key combos anymore for a big win. Let’s see how you can turn your passion into a profitable business step by step.

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Become a Professional Gamer

Gaming is not just about luck or an enjoyable way to pass the time. To win the top player award, you need to master all kinds of strategies, be it a team effort or a mind-blowing solo move. If you are serious about becoming a professional gamer, there are certain steps you need to take. However, this road will not be paved just with fun and entertaining moments. It will take you even ten hours a day of gaming to perfect your way of playing. So, let’s see how you can start your career!

Find A Game You Are Good At

An endless passion for a game usually starts with finding the perfect one for you. Even though there are tons of games out there, only some of them are truly considered eSports. This means that only these selections can compete in international tournaments for big prizes. These games can be Hearthstone, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota, Overwatch, StarCraft, and many others. You can even earn handsome prizes by mastering Candy Crush strategies. Pick the one where you can use your best abilities.

Become A Great Solo And Team Player

Now, it is time for practice. Usually, the games have a live part, where you can find real players to fight with and against. This experience will prove to be nothing like playing with bots. You will need to unlock a whole different set of skills and strategies to succeed in beating a real experienced player. Don’t give up if you won’t win a single game in some time. Perseverance and determination complete the passion for a game.

Learn Key Strategies

Watch and read everything you can find on the web about the game of your choice. Learn how to master the most popular strategies, and give it time for small tricks. Once you grasped everything you found, it is time to create some special moves by yourself. It will be an ace up your sleeve to knock down your opponents for good.

Find The Gear That Resonates With Your Lifestyle

You will find tons of opinions on gaming forums about what makes a great PC. However, it is best to go with the gear that fits your lifestyle. You can go to showrooms or even events like ComicCon to test PCs, keyboards, headsets or computer mice to see how they work for you. Once you know for sure what you like, you can buy your arsenal away.

Join The Community Of Gamers

eSports, like any other kind of sports, is first and foremost about team playing. You need to control your emotions in the most challenging moments and keep collaborating with your teammates. This is why it is important to join a community of gamers as it will teach you the rules of the gaming world.

Join A Team

You know now the ins and outs of your game and have built a good reputation for yourself. It is time to move on and find a team. Usually, when the time comes, players can contact you themselves to become their colleague. You can also be proactive and contact them through MajorLeagueGaming which is the number one digital network that promotes eSports through competitions.

Enter Tournaments

The good news is that tournaments are taking place throughout the whole year. There are many chances for you to assert yourself as a challenging and capable player. However, you should make your way to competing in pro circuit levels. Here, you will win not only recognition but also money. So, your business is just about to begin.

Find Sponsors

Draw the attention of sponsors to get enough money to become a pro gamer. You need professional equipment to challenge the experts in this field.

So, these are the steps to becoming a professional gamer. Get ready to work all day long, but also enjoy every second of it. Now that you are all set up, you can win together with your team a part of the 20.7 million dollars prize pool.

Stream Video Games

If you are charismatic and good at playing video games, you can opt for a less stressful freelance career as a streamer. This implies that you have to pass over the border between enjoying the geek culture to the land of creators. In other words, you will get to entertain game lovers through live streaming. Here, you teach them how to play a certain story or experience a new release live for the first time. Let’s see how you can build a business on streaming.


You aren’t going to make it too far without a strong internet connection. So, ditch the WiFi and go for a professional modem or router. Next off would be a streaming software. There are many options out there, with OBS and Xsplit being some of the most popular.

As you are going to talk to a large digital audience, you are going to need a quality microphone. A webcam is not necessary, but your audience will love to see some instant face reaction when you die for the 100th time in Dark Souls.

The last point is your streaming channel of choice. The most popular right now is Twitch. You will find 9.7 million users that log in every day to watch streamers.

First Performances

Keep in mind that this is a performance and you shouldn’t be too serious about it. Your reactions can be a little farfetched to delight the audiences. Also, you will need to interact with your viewers through the online chat so that you can win them over as subscribers.


Your first streams might not have been able to gather many viewers. Don’t fret about it, and turn to some marketing tricks. Post your next streaming time on social media or your best recorded moments on YouTube. Some people might not need your tutorials right now, but they can really appreciate your work later on.

Make Some Money

Once you earned some experience and fans in this field, you can turn your passion into one of the profitable online jobs.

  • Monetize your Twitch account. There are some rules to respect to make a profit here. First off, you need 500 people as your average concurrent viewer count (this means that there should generally be 500 people watching each of your streams). Secondly, you need to commit to creating content no less than three times a week.
  • Monetize your YouTube account. Enable monetization on your YouTube account, and you will be able to earn some profit for each click you receive on your ads.
  • Get sponsorships. You are a source of prospective customers in the eyes of many companies. Once you gain a pretty number of subscribers, you can partner up with some businesses, ideally from the gaming world, and mention their products or even use them during your streams. It is a common practice that will earn you some handsome sponsorships.

All in all, today’s world made possible turning your passion for gaming into a profitable business. Like any other job, you are going to need to devote many hours to build up your success. However, you will enjoy every second of it.

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