15+ Online Jobs to Do from Home in Quarantine Amid COVID-19

In the current situation we are all limited to homes. Businesses, social activities have been stopped due to the spread of corona as a disaster. The only solution to this problem is to stay home.

As we know the saying: “to every problem there is a solution” and with every problem there is a positive aspect as well, as we say blessing in disgust.

The benefit which we can take from this occasion is to go for jobs that you can do from home. In this article you will get idea about 15 online jobs to do from home in the state of being Quarantined. We’ll have a brief look at this first, or alternatively, you can zoom out the infographic first, pick a job that you think is best fit for you, and read more about it here.

We will divide the jobs into three different categories.

Jobs require no experience
i. Online data entry jobs
ii. Website testing
iii. Search engine evaluator
iv. Take online surveys
v. App/Game Testing on Mobile

Jobs require little experience
vi. Teach online
vii. Sell your photographs
viii. Medical transcriptionist
ix. Become a Proofreader

Jobs require prior experience

x. Article content writer
xi. Make courses to sell online
xii. Audio or video editing
xiii. Voice Over Jobs Online
xiv. Graphic Designing
xv. Product Reviewing on Youtube

These are jobs as a total 15 that we are going to discuss one by one.

Jobs with no Experience

 Online Data Entry Jobs

Online data entry is a job served by different companies and clients which you can do from your locality as the word online itself indicate that you don’t have to visit anywhere but your own home.

Your duty in this job:

In this kind of job your duty will be just entering data from any source to a company’s required database.
For example, a company has opened a new branch where there are lot of employees are hired and their data is required to be put on the company’s database.

Website testing

Website testing is simply the process to make sure the website work as per expectation and the user’s demands.
As a website tester your job will be to check the provided site with all its functionalities and features. Mostly companies assign you a tool or software to observe you during your duty.

In simple words your job is to check either the website does things which it has been made for or not.


The requirements for this job is having a fresh computer system, fast internet connection, good communication skills and command on English.

Companies offer this job:

Three are certain companies who look for website testers by paying considerable salary.
Two of the companies are given below.

◊ UserTesting
◊ userTest

Search engine evaluator

Search engine evaluation is the process matching the web-searched queries with its results and the search engine evaluator is the person who performs that process as a profession.

As a search engine evaluator, you will have to make sure the search queries and the results are matched and expected. This is one of the permanent jobs on the internet where you can earn sufficient money while staying home.

Preferred qualification:

⇒ Search engine and web-searching knowledge.

⇒ Elementary knowledge of search engine optimization.

⇒Research and analysis skills.

How much can you earn?

The earning amount depends on the country you live in and the quality of your work. In general, you can earn $12 to $15 per hour but this is not the fix payments it may increase as you get experienced with the passage of time.

Companies offer this job:

There are number of companies who offer this opportunity of employment, two of them are described below.

◊ Leapforce:
Leapforce is now owned by Appen which is another search engine company that offer such jobs. The website is now Appen rather than Leapforce.

◊ LionBridge:

LionBridge is another search engine company that offer job in different countries and languages where you can apply to be hired for search engine evaluator job.

Take online surveys:

Taking online survey is a job which you can do online while staying at home and the terms used to indicates the process to ensure a particular website, product or a company’s growth through questionnaire. In this kind of survey company’s ask audience through presented questioned with the aimed to further enhance the company or its products based on people’s response.

Responsibilities as online surveyor:
⇒ Collect data through questionnaire, interviews and emails etc.
⇒ Collaboration with other experts in this field.
⇒ Updates and changes in survey etc.

Some sites where you can find Survey jobs:
◊ ySense
◊ your survey
◊ opinion world
◊ Global test market

Jobs Require Little Experience

Now let’s go through the jobs which require a bit of experience to do from home.

Online Teaching:

As there is a famous saying “acquire knowledge from cradle to grave”, that indicates that education cannot be stopped even in this kind of circumstances.
So, you can start online teaching which will directly benefit you as well as the students who cannot go to institutes due to lockdown.

Requirements for the job:

As an online teacher you must possess these facilities.

⇒ Quality and fast internet connection.
⇒ Genuine pc.
⇒ A comfortable venue.
⇒High standard headphone.

Skills and experience:

The following skills are mandatory for you to be an online teacher.
You must know basics of computer and internet.
You have to be a good communicator.
In depth command over your specific subjects.
Command on secondary language i.e. English etc.

Sell your photographs Online

This is one of the demanding skills in the online world, people create blogs, websites and other business platforms for which they need photos of high standard then photographers are there who serve them with their required photos.
So, be among those photographers and sell your photography on any of the well-known platforms:

◊ Alamy
◊ Shutterstock
◊ Photoshelter
◊ iStockphoto
the above are some of the websites where you can find relevant online job to do even you are at home.

Medical transcription Jobs

This is one of the online jobs which is suitable especially when you are Quarantined and want to earn money.
Transcription is the process of converting audio or video file into a text file, and transcriptionist is the person who does it. Now medical transcription is the special type of transcription job where you will have to write medical related data.

Skills required for Medical Transcriptionist
Knowledge of medical field i.e. terminologies, acronyms etc.
Best communication skills.
Typing speed.
Basic browsing skills etc.


⇒ Internet and pc
⇒ A quality headphone etc.

Jobs Require Proper Prior Experience

Article Writing Jobs

This is one of the most growing jobs which you can take advantage of during quarantined, this is highly demanded and paid job in the online world.
No one can claim their website for success without publishing the quality contents.
In simple words, all the websites and blogs are dependent on contents and for writing these contents they hire content writers so be one of them and earn money online.

Skills required:
Fast typing speed.
Advance level of English.
Excellent communication skills.
Internet & computer system.
Where to find the job?

Such jobs are easily founded on almost all the relevant platforms like: Upwork, freelancer, fiverr and social medias like Facebook groups etc.

Make courses to sell online:

People around the word search for different topic of different subjects, some of them are easily founded whereas some are rarely available on the internet.

So, keeping this aspect in mind one can also write their own notes and books in order to sell them on the internet. This is a great idea of business as well as learning because people around the globe have same requirements of learning.

Skills for the job:

Skills for this job cannot be same for all of us, it depends on which particular subject do you want to sell over the internet. However, some common skills are:

Basics of internet
Considerable typing speed to make notes.
Communication skills.
Ideas of marketing etc.

Audio or video Editing

This is perhaps the most approaching job in the online market, we can presume its importance by observing the Youtube in wide range.
Be a video or audio editor as the demand for it is ever increasing day by day.

The scope of editing is high because people edit video and audio for their created channels for groups etc.

Skills required for Video Editing
Familiarity with video or audio editing software.
Typing skills and speed
Technical skills etc.

Where to be hired as Video/Audio Editor?

As a video or audio editor you are free of platform dependency, as it is a job that revolves around you. There are bundle of sites and platform you can drop yourself for this job some of them are:

◊ Fiverr
◊ Facebook groups
◊ Other social media.
This is important to draw the conclusion at the end of this article to summarize the content.
Almost the whole world go through lockdown businesses are frozen due to the spread of corona, but there are some alternatives which can be chosen to keep our income balanced. These alternatives are in the forms of online businesses or jobs.
In fact, there are a lot of online jobs offered on the internet each of which requires specific skills and requirements. But we only have described 10 of the online jobs to do being Quarantined. You can find more on these in details at www.collegestudentsjobs.com to build a complete sense on earning online. The following infographic have a list of 15 jobs you can do, and can continue later on as well, when we’ll get rid of this corona virus.

An Infographic Showing 15+ Online Jobs to do From Home

Online jobs home quarantine

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