The Best Online Jobs for College Students in 2019

As a student, the internet has made our lives pretty easy. Whether we talk about researching on a particular topic, getting help for our studies online, or trying to earn money, everything can be done with ease. All we need is a laptop and an internet connection and we are good to enjoy the benefits of the world wide web.

The Internet is lovable for a number of different reasons. While it is of no surprise that this is an encyclopedia of information from where we can obtain almost all sorts of information, the platform is providing some serious working opportunities too. Whether it be working with someone, doing a job, or establishing a business of your own, there are so many options for you to explore.

Still, the traditional means of earning money online and doing the in-store jobs are pretty common for students. But the fact that online working is easy and it helps you in making a lot more money is making individuals switch to the internet while they seek working opportunities.

There are so many different sorts of tasks that you can do to make money online. Regardless of who you are, what is your level of study, and what are your topics of interest, all you need is a smart brain, some hard work, and patience. These are the three essential traits if you are to find success when working online.

Online jobs for students

Also, the best part about working over the internet which I personally love is that you don’t have to stick to what is available in your town or area. Most of the students are forced to do the jobs that they are not even interested in. It is because you may not have any work available in town that you like to do. However, with the internet, you are connected on a global level and it is of no surprise that you will get a job according to your field. But you need to show keen interest and should possess the right skills required for the job.

While we talk about working online, the purpose of this article is to shed some light on the best online jobs for college students. It is a comprehensive guide where we will provide you with information about various authentic ways by which you can earn money over the internet.

Top Online Jobs for College Students

Following are the jobs any student can do from their home to earn money from internet. Let us take a look.

Freelance Jobs

Freelance jobs

Freelancing is one of the primary ways and a go-to method for many individuals that seek to work online. You have all different platforms to help you in connecting with the people that wish to get a job done and are looking for the people who can do it. There are a number of different freelance jobs that you can do and the postings can be seen at sites like Fiverr, upwork, freelancer, Writingjobz etc .

Content writing

If you have good command over English language and think that you can deal with some writing tasks, you can start with the content writing. There are so many individuals that will ask you to write articles and blog posts for them. The professional work includes copywriting and marketing material too. Also, you can act as a ghostwriter or help someone with their research work. you can find freelance writing jobs at too.

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Virtual assistant

There are a number of duties of a virtual assistant and it varies from job to job. You might be asked to provide administrative support or maybe the company asks you to help them in managing their resources and assure that things are kept in touch with each other. Furthermore, social media managers and assistants are pretty popular in today’s world.


For computer science students that are into programming languages and can make some software, or even websites and mobile applications, you can certainly get some work over the internet. The freelance websites are filled with job posting where you might be asked to improve an existing website or create one from scratch. Also, you may be asked to make an Android or IOS app.

Graphic designing

Graphic designing is a popular gig and you will have all the flyers and brochure designing work along with business cards and flex designs. Moreover, you can design t-shirts and trousers too. But you should be fluent with tools like Adobe Photoshop and illustrator to deal with these tasks.


The search engine optimization and search engine marketing is something that you have to learn before you go in the market and start providing the services. A few courses or working with an expert for some months will help you in getting a few SEO and SEM tricks up your sleeves using which you can get some business on your own.

Project management

Project management is not an easy job but it is something that individuals seek assistance with. If the virtual assistant was not enough to highlight this gig, here is a complete overview of what you might do in it.

A company can hire you for working under the command. They can give you a team of qualified and experienced individuals and would provide you with a project. Now, it is your duty to break it down and get it done in a timely manner, assuring the quality is top notch and the requirements are all satisfied.

Editing and proofreading

Many people consider this to be a part of writing but I believe that editors and proofreaders have a different level. If you have got some seriously good language skills and you have done writing work in the past, you can easily become a proofreader or editor. Usually, individuals would take content from writers who have English as their second language and may have native editors working with them that can help in polishing the content and making it more appealing. For this purpose, you need to be good enough in English language in order to point out different grammar or other mistakes, moreover you can automate or ease this process for you by using Grammarlookup which is a helpful tool in this regard.


For the individuals that have command over multiple languages and can type them easily with the help of a keyboard, translation job is something that you should consider. It requires you to master two languages while one should be fluent in typing them too. However, if you have the skills, you can easily make a good sum of money working as a translator and helping individuals in translating their scripts and writings into various languages.



Blogging is a common way with which people earn a decent sum of money. While it can help you in earning a steady and passive income, the method takes patience and effort. You have to set up your blog and create useful content that will be informative and helpful for the individuals. Once you have it, you can worry about getting traffic to your blog which usually comes from search engines and social media. As the traffic is flowing, you can build engagement with users and make sure that they keep coming back for more.

Once you get a good chunk of traffic regularly, you can use third party ads and promotions as well as sponsorship to help you in earning money.

There is another way by which people do blogging. It is not necessarily about registering a domain and getting the blog on your own. If you don’t think that you have the time and what it takes to establish your own blog (which we recommend you because the better you work on establishing your own assets the more you will be able to earn and generate a passive source of income), you can turn to websites like HubSpot.

There, you can do blog posts and as people come and take a look at them, the company will generate some revenue. From that money which is generated by the help of traffic which visits your blog post, the administration will give you a share. Also, you might be permitted to use some affiliate links on certain sites and sell products on your own.


youtube logo

YouTube is a popular way which helps students in earning a few hundred to thousands of dollars monthly. Start by an idea about which kind of channel you will make. It would directly be linked to your interests and what sort of content you are good at creating. Whether it is professional videos, funny clips, pranks, or simply some educational and informational content, you can do it all on YouTube.

Once you create a channel and put some videos on it, start acquiring traffic. There are a few things that you can do to optimize your videos such as titles and descriptions and using the right tags. People do take help from the google adword keywords and other methods of keyword research when they create content.

Assuming that you have a good amount of traffic and decent content on your channel, with an optimum number of subscribers, you can earn money in a number of different ways. For instance, you may monetize your channel which is why we see those video ads and banners popping up as we play a youtube video. This is the most traditional way of making money via youtube.

Then there are a number of other ways as youtube has launched a channel membership option that helps you in acquiring paid members and you can create exclusive content for them. There is a merchandise shelf which is a great option if you are thinking of selling products and merchandise. Also, youtube has launched a premieres feature where individuals may pay you for getting their comments pinned at the top.

Other than that, many people use YouTube channels for affiliate marketing. It is a popular method for selling the products. You can either acquire the product and do its unboxing and review or simply take a product and its information and debate about its pros and cons, helping individuals in making the right decisions by giving unbiased reviews.

Also, a number of companies have turned their attention to the channels that have a decent subscription and monthly viewing. Depending on your stats, companies directly contact the YouTubers and sponsor their videos where you might have to give a shout out to your sponsors or promote any of their services or products.

Stock Photography

If you think that you have the talent of capturing the right photos at the right time and can do some decent photography, we suggest you turn your hobby into money making mean. However, you got to have the right skill set and should have some good photography skills to deal with the job.

There are several online marketplaces where you can sell your photographs and earn some decent amount. While it is very hard to get a photo accepted on the stock photography sites, you should take a look at the reasons for rejection and improve with each picture. Do decent research and shoot the right images because they can help you in having a decent income monthly.

One tip to improve your photography is retouching and editing. Get to know about the apps like photoshop and be fluent with this if you are to take it as a profession. It is considered essential for modern-day photography. Even if you capture average images, you can make them look seriously good if you are familiar with the retouching techniques.

Once you acquire a bunch of photos, submit them to the online websites. You have Shutterstock and stock as popular options while a few other sites are also trending for stock photography. There are a few things that you might want to consider when submitting the pictures to the stock sites.

Take a look at their commission rate and see how easy the site is to access. The uploading should be smooth and make sure people can easily search and purchase the pictures that they are looking for. Consider the type of photography you do and see what customers these sites are targeting.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is about taking the products or services of a company and selling it under your own name. There are a lot of online stores like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, etc., that allows you to take their products and act as an affiliate marketer. You can pick a handful of products that you like and sell them over a number of different platforms. In return, you will be able to earn commission for each sale you do.

Many people think that they have to create a website and only then they will be able to sell these items. While it seems pretty much possible, there are certainly other ways by which you can sell them. For instance, you can make a youtube channel as stated earlier and talk about different products and sell them through your videos. Or you can simply use social media groups and other platforms that suit you and act as an affiliate marketer, selling the items and receiving the commission.

However, there are a number of things which contribute to your success and will certainly have a say in how many products you are able to sell. It is advised that you should start with only a number of products and doesn’t crowd yourself with too many platforms and register for several affiliate accounts. Then, don’t stick to a single source as selling products over multiple channels will surely boost your reach and sales.

Also, if you try and put in some effort in research, considering your target market and seeing what sort of products are in demand, you can surely sell some stuff. Promote the products that your audience is likely to be interested in and use helpful tools in your campaigns.

Sell Crafts Online

sell crafts

If you are a craftsman and you have the ability to create amazing products, you can surely try to sell them online. Many individuals are skilled in the art and they have that artisan in them who keeps on coming with new and innovative ideas. If you think that you can create crafts that are marketable, you can sell them over the internet and make some money.

Now, the process starts with you creating the crafts. Surely, before you proceed to sell something, first you, or someone you know who is interested in selling the products, should possess the crafts. Once you have them in your stock, you can start marketing them.

There are a number of different ways in which you can sell the crafts over the internet. It is much like affiliate marketing. Except, the only difference is that here you will be selling your own crafts and generating income while in affiliate marketing you will have to sell someone else’s products and you will receive a commission. So, just in case that you are interested in selling the products and you don’t have them with you, one might give affiliate marketing a try.

Again, you can use the blogs and websites or go with youtube channels and social media. In fact, many individuals who are starting businesses from their home are making use of social media and they establish complete e-stores over various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Another method for selling crafts online is by going to someone who already has an online shop or an e-store over social media. You can go to an established site and ask the owner to act as an affiliate marketer for you. Surely, you will have to share some income as the person will take a commission but you can negotiate a deal and make sure that things go in the favour of both parties.

Designing T-Shirts

T-shirt designing

T-shirts are one of the most common apparels in the market and there are a lot of people who would simply pay you to design t-shirts for them. How many times do we think that what if we had a t-shirt with a particular inspirational quote? Or what if this and that was written on my shirt? Well, certainly there is a point where we would all wish to reflect our thoughts and mind with the help of a t-shirt and it is not only you but almost everyone who wishes the same.

Considering that, it is of no surprise that shirts with catchy slogans and interesting designs do sell online very quickly and there are a number of websites that will pay you to design their shirts. Well, it may not work the way as designing would give you money. If you wish for this, it is better to turn to a freelance gig where you are paid for designing.

In this particular method, we are talking about websites like teespring and sellmytees. Here is how they work.

You go to the website and you register yourself as a designer. They will provide you with an option to upload the design or may give you the tools required and assist you in crafting one there and then. Once your design is complete, you can publish it on their website and use the link to market the t-shirt. The more the sales are, the higher your commission will be. Also, you can set the price and goal of the shirt and in case that you end up collecting a certain number of pre-orders for the shirts, the company will manufacture it there and ship it to the individuals. The payment to you will be sent via PayPal.

So, it actually is about getting the commission for each sale. While it does not work like a conventional designing gig where you are simply paid a certain amount for designing a shirt, you are paid a portion from each sale which can be to your benefit.

Online Tutoring Jobs

Online tutoring

One of my personal favourites when it comes to making money online is teaching. Being a student, we all have a subject that we like, a subject in which we get good grades consistently. Also, there are instances when we have mastered a certain skill and are now at a stage where we can actually teach it.

So, if you have one such skill or subject that you can teach, and possess the taste for helping others learn, you should definitely try teaching over the internet. There are a number of instances when individuals are unable to get good tutors or the ones that they like in their town. Or maybe, it is just because of the convenience that people are not turning to online study.

Just consider how many times we find educational material over the internet and this would tell you the scope of online teaching. And there are numerous ways in which you can do it.

One can simply sell the teaching material that he or she has. It is one of the toughest things when you are teaching a class, to gather the teaching material, and this is actually where you connect with other tutors. You can help them teaching in a better way by providing the material that you have crafted and collected with effort. Teachers pay teachers and share my lesson are a couple of popular places where you might try it.

Then you can try teaching courses online. There are several online academies and institutes established that are looking for good teachers who can serve their pupil. Also, you can make a website of your own where you can gather individuals and teach them over the internet. Posting over social media and collecting leads from there is another common method of gathering individuals whom you can teach.

Moreover, websites like youtube and udemy are always there for you to share your video lessons. Now, a lot of you will feel uneasy when asked to simply provide teaching material and guidelines. It is of no surprise that the way you can convey stuff in video lectures cannot be done in written ways. Therefore, you can go to YouTube and make a channel where you teach people. One can monetize it or simply go with exclusive content for paid members.

Also, if you see websites like Udemy and Lynda, they are gathering more and more students under their platform. So, you can make a series of videos and compile them to make a course. Publish it online over these websites and for each enrollment, you will receive a decent amount.

Considering the fact that more and more students now search and take online courses, it is a pretty decent way to make money. Not only you get to teach individuals and earn money, but your own concepts will also be cleared and the command over the subject would get firm.

Data Entry Jobs for College Students

data entry students

Moving towards the end of our list of the best online jobs for college students, if you are doubtful about your skills and are looking for a work that requires very less training and is easy to start, go ahead with data entry. While it does not make a lot of money, one may be able to earn a little side income. The fact that you don’t need any professional or educational background means that anyone can do it.

The only requirements for data entry are basic computer skills. One should be aware of how to navigate around and it is better if you have command over computer operation and how to run various applications. Perhaps the primary skill you need is the typing skill. You don’t only have to be fast but one should have a high degree of accuracy.

Moreover, as you will be working on the computer, you should have good communication skills. It is not only particular for this job but anything you are doing over the internet, any job that you take, you should assure that you are communicating properly with your clients. One thing that may irritate you, and is the repetition. You are doing the data entry consistently, with just a little variation in words and letters.

However, be careful about where you are registering yourself because there are a lot of traps and fake jobs on the internet related to this particular task. Go to the authentic companies only such as AccuTran Global and Axion Data Entry Services.

Online Surveys Jobs for Students

survey jobs students

And lastly, you can consider online surveys to assist you in making some extra cash. Similar to data entry, this does not have any prerequisites. However, certain surveys do have some eligibility criteria that you have to fulfil in order to take it or else you will not be able to take part in that survey.

An example is that you go to Swagbucks and register yourself there. It is one of the biggest survey portals and perhaps the most authentic site which has a number of surveys for you to take and earn some rewards. While it does not necessarily provide you with cash, the fact that you will have a return in the form of either cash, voucher, or prize draws, makes it even more interesting.

The amount you can earn per survey varies a lot and it depends on the survey you take, how complex and long it was, and what the company has to offer to you. Typically, it takes about 10 minutes to complete a survey and you can make at least a few dollars per hour doing this work.

The amount you make with this method might not be too much but the fact that there are no qualification and experience requirements makes this one of the easiest ways for students to earn money online.


So, these are the best internet-based jobs for the students that you can consider doing to make money online. The Internet has opened up a number of options for us and hunting jobs and doing business has never been so easy as it is nowadays. Many people think that only skilled and qualified people can work over the internet and earn money but it is far from the truth.

In fact, the internet allows you to work regardless of your education and experience level. All you need is a skill, anything that you can do good, and you can make money over the internet. There are so many different ways and various channels as well as platforms using which you can work and earn online. So, identify your skills and start working today!

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