7 Online Data Entry Jobs for College Students (Trusted Sites to Apply)

Online Data entry jobs are considered as the most common & appropriate jobs when someone asked for suggesting part-time jobs on internet for students those haven’t freelance skills. Data entry is a job especially for those people who are looking to earn money part-timely but don’t have any other specific skills.

data entry jobs

Assuming that you have basic computer knowledge with decent typing speed and are looking for some data entry jobs on internet to do it at your free time, we came with this article contains:-

  • Requirements and Qualification
  • General Procedure of Data Entry Job
  • Tips and Tricks to increase Accuracy and Earn Maximum
  • Websites to Apply for the job

Well, so that is the main theme of this article with hope that you will find it useful, so please read the article carefully so that after finding it suitable, apply at least one place. So let get started…

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements for the Job

The good thing about data entry is that everyone with having basic computer knowledge and good typing speed with extra free time is eligible for this job. While applying, no one asks you about your qualification. They just need their data to be entered at the right place & at the right time so if you can do it, you have all the requirements and qualifications.

General Procedure of Data Entry

Now lets turn to the most important part of article. Let suppose you just heard about data entry and came here to know about the procedure of this then I would like to say that there is not any tough work to do. (Here one thing to be noted that in this post, we take data entry only a “SIMPLY TYPING” whereas there are many types of data entry jobs can be categorized under data entry)

As I said above that this job unlike online tutoring jobs is suggested to those who haven’t any other skills, meaning that everyone can do it easily.

Anyways, the work is as simple as they will send you data as a file through email or at their website with instructions where to place the data values. So looking at the values in the file, you will be typing it and will be placing it at the place where it needs to be.

Tips & Tricks to Increase Accuracy and Earn Maximum Money

Reading the above paragraph, you should noticed that typing speed is the major factor behind the accuracy and earning maximum through this job. So first of all, you need to have excellent writing speed on keyboard and I don’t think this would be any problem for you, also you can increase your speed just by practicing more and more.

The second factor is that of your ability of catching the data through your eyes which makes the process more efficient, the faster and correctly you collect data, the more it becomes efficient.


7 Legitimate Online Data Entry Jobs Sites for College Students

So, now it is the time to get started with the list of sites and resources to who are hiring people for their simple online data entry jobs for college students. So let have a look…

Virtual Bee

Virtual Bee is being one of the famous about data entry job that I am hearing about since the time I started collecting information about online jobs for students. Simple work will be provided to you at this website. You can apply for it right now by clicking here.


This is open for both simple and professional data entry work. Its paying amount is good enough as compared to others, also the work is flexible and is accordingly. Which implies you whether you wanna work for full time or part-timely. For Beginners, I would recommend applying for the simple data entry to get started. To read more about job opportunities, types, requirements and to apply, please head over to THIS LINK.

Capital Typing

Capital typing is open for many types of data entry such as simple processing, transcription, language translation etc. It is highly suggested to read this page for details and apply for an appropriate one.


Tdec is currently looking for data entry clerk, mail room clerk, general clerk and data entry operator. So it is worth to read more at this link and apply for the one that looks suitable to you.


Axiondata is currently looking for Canadian or US based people to hire as a data entry contractor. So if you are living in the above cantidal then this is a place for you.

Data Conversion Jobs

This one has simple form filling job opened currently so that you can apply for it without any investment. First read the information about the job and then click on register now button to sign up.


Speak Write is open to apply for a typist. In case you are interested, please visit the website and read the details, fill out the form and wait till they come back to you.

That’s enough for now dear readers, i hope we were able to aware you about the legit sites for data entry to earn money as a college student. In future, we are going to experiment and discuss in more details. Now what you’ve to do is share this article on your social media profiles and leave you comment if you’ve anything concerns.

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11 thoughts on “7 Online Data Entry Jobs for College Students (Trusted Sites to Apply)

  1. charan

    well written article.. first thing in our mind when we think online part time job is data entry , captcha.. we just need good typing skills and its a perfect article for those who are looking for part time data entry jobs and i will recommend this post to my bloggers sometimes people asking for data entry requirement .. thanks for the post..

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi Charan!

      Thanks for being here once again and leaving your valuable comment here at our blog.

  2. Atul

    Great article brother. No doubt that all these options are best way for college students to start earning online in their free time. By working online they will learn lot of new things which are not learning is schools and collages. Thanks for sharing keep it up.

    1. thebasheer11 Post author

      Hi Atul!

      I agree with you that doing jobs on internet not only let students earn money while they’ll learn something new that they can’t learn in colleges. We will be sharing more ideas and opportunities with students in order to make them able take advantage of their free time and make some financial independence:)

  3. radh

    You can try some more site like mturk.com or elance.com to earn money online for college students also there is man more survey online work by which students can also earn some money in their spare time

  4. thebasheer11 Post author

    Hi Radh!

    Thanks for your valuable comment… We will surely be looking for above sites and will be letting our readers know if they are founded useful. Elance is already mentioned in this blog but the other one is new to us so that we will deeply give it a look.

    1. Tamil arasan

      Hi Basheer,

      Great valuable article for students. These jobs are really helpful for students to earn real money unlike paid to clicks. I think you must have made more research to find these jobs. Thanks for the post!! Awesome!!

      1. thebasheer11 Post author

        Thanks a lot Tamil Arasan for appreciation!

        Our main purpose and focus through this blog is to make students aware of online jobs and let they come into the field to earn some money at their spare time. We will be sharing more updates as we are researching more ways to earn money from internet as a student.

  5. Sonia Mishra

    Data entry jobs don’t require much skill or investment. No major qualification is required for such jobs. Low skilled labor is required and any person can handle such writing jobs with competence. Even retired folks can also take up data entry jobs from home in Coimbatore. They can kill boredom with this and also find a means to earn some money even after retirement.

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