How To Find Online Jobs For College Students With No Experience?

Normally students are in search of jobs so that they can carry their education as well as personal expenses at the same time. For them, the best idea is to carry an online job so that their studies aren’t affected and they can make a handsome income too. Online jobs for college students with no experience are not hard to find until you are finding them the right way. Following mentioned are some of the best online jobs which need to experience:

1- Micro job

Micro job as the name reflects is an online job including small basic tasks offering small basic salaries like some dollars or a few cents. This job is also referred to as short tasks. For doing the micro job, you would need to login to the company’s profile and choose any small task mentioned in the list. You can select any task suiting your skills. The tasks may include ysense, clickworker, and mechanical Turk, etc. Moreover, these micro jobs can also be found in an online marketplace where buyers and workers gather at one place and exchange their services.

2- Online juror

Attorneys who are preparing for their final trials usually create a mock jury so that they can get the feedback from unbiased individuals. However creating an in-person jury could be a costly option so instead of that, attorneys like to form an online jury by hiring people part-time. They can decide by viewing video presentations and listening to audio. One thing that you need to keep in mind while starting to work as an online juror is that you should never disclose your credit card details or social security number in the information asked by the lawyers.

Online Jobs For College Students With No Experience

3- Data entry

Data entry jobs are the most popular jobs nowadays across the globe. Due to technological advancement, it has now become easier for companies to hire contractors who can complete the data entry projects for them. The data entry operators would need access to the infrastructure information of the company and various crowdsourcing techniques too. The fields, however, could vary in data entry.

4- Application or website testing

If you have opinions regarding the web, this job would be the best for you to do. In jobs like remote usability testing, the user testers can pick up their desired job among reviewing mobile applications or websites. Most of the developers want to have beginners for this job so you don’t need to have in-depth internet knowledge. The testers are asked to conduct tests on the basis of demographic profiles including social media usage, web knowledge, education, and age.

5- Search engine evaluator

Search engine evaluators are there to examine internet search results and provide feedback about whether they are relevant, spam-free, and accurate or not. For this purpose, the evaluator must have knowledge about the internet, culture, and communication skills. However, the experience isn’t necessary for this field and you can do this job as a student.

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