Find Legit Online Jobs From Home – Complete Guide

Hey students and everyone reading this post, since most of the readers of this blog are students, that’s why I may call students throughout this post. Hope you’re doing well with your educational activities, your first priority MUST be getting it on with at least good GRADES!

It’s almost more than a year that I started this blog, keeping in mind to help out at least one student to start making money from internet, and I hope you’ve got some knowledge about online jobs from our previous posts, and I must say, those who’ve e and passion of doing work online and those who implemented what we’ve already discussed and resources we’ve shared would start making money online. As on average, I’m getting 5 Emails a day, around 40 Emails per week from students who asks me for further help to get a part-time job at home of their choice.  Along with emails, I also get messages through facebook page. I’ve helped out many of them to go on the right way of what they’ve asked for and hope they will start earning money from internet soon.

So these bunch of mails receiving a week forced me to write a detailed and step-by-step guide that a student with having any subject, experience and ability can get benefit of it, so I can say this post is going to be a comprehensive for everyone! Throughout this guide, I’ve tried to explain each step and process clearly and in a common language so that every person could able to understand.

Online Jobs From Home


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Table Of Contents

In order to make it more easier for you to browse through this guide, and to let you know what topics we are actually gonna discuss in this post, here’s a quick TOC for it. In case you left this document in mid somewhere, you can click on any heading to move on there where you just left it last time.

Some Earning Proofs – Just for Your Motivation

A Brief Overview of this Blog Post – What Actually You Will Learn

How to Find and Get Online Jobs At Home?

Understanding the Platform as a Seller – To Make Most out of it

The Rating System at PPH (CERT)

Fixed and Per Hour Jobs

How to Apply and Get Home-Based Jobs from Here?

My Personal Tips on How to get most out of PeoplePerHour?

Sell Your Services at FIVERR – Another Platform for Passive Income

It’s time to Create A GIG:

It’s Not the End, More Guides to Come!

Final Words

Some Earning Proofs – Just for Your Motivation

Personally I don’t like either seeing others earning or disclosing my personal earnings. There are tons of people who can see you FAKE pictures and saying I’m earning this $$$$ a month but it’s not that easy. If you have had some time while searching for online jobs, online earning or joined some related facebook groups, you might have seen many people sharing their (or fake) pictures of earning but here just for your motivation, I’d like to drop my own and a few of my friends earning. All from the same sites and procedure I’m explaining in this guide. Since nowadays, I don’t make much from these methods rather I’m concentrated on blogging and other methods (which is just another way but I don’t want to disclose my earnings for now SORRY), but you can see my friends earns good enough. So let have a look…


My Earnings from PeoplePerHour:

As I said already that freelancing isn’t primary method of internet jobs for me, but still from a 2,3 jobs I have earned some good amount which I can use to invest further. From my recent job, I have what in my wallet now…

internet earningAND here is an invoice paid by a client to me, It’s an old job but just for your satisfaction and motivation, I’d like to add it here. So let have a look

online job invoice image

A Brief Overview of this Blog Post – What Actually You Will Learn

Well, instead you just keep going on, I would prefer letting you know what actually you will learn in this article. In short the outline of the article in a few words.  So I am going to share a few freelancing platforms with you and discuss their use such that you get jobs awarded there easily. This time, we aren’t going just to give you a link and let you in the dark, that is do the rest (and hard) work yourself, but I’m going to share my personal tips and tricks that I apply to get work online. I’ll be here to guide you step by step, if you follow what I’m telling, I can say in advance, you are likely to get jobs.

How to Find and Get Online Jobs At Home?

Well, so it’s time to get started the journey! Here we will be dealing with the two freelancing platforms that I used personally for a time by doing some little projects on internet, at least for my further investment on internet.

  1. Peopleperhour – The Best Freelance Platform

If you are one of our returning visitor, and have messaged me via facebook or mail, My reply must have this site suggested in case of any field you’ve mentioned as your experience. The reason behind this is that this is the one I’ve made enough money through. That’s the main reason here as well for suggesting at the top and in full details. I am sure that a non-geeky person would be able to start earning very well just after reading and following this blog post. So let have a look at the main steps below…

Step-1: First of all, click on this link  You will see a page where all its common categories are mentioned, but since we are about to sell our services, so you don’t need to do with. Just look at the top-right corner and click on SELL–> BROWSE JOBS. Now on this page, you will see latest available jobs posted by individuals, but you don’t need to go through them just look at the top-right corner once again and this time click on “SIGN UP”.

Now you see a page asks you for your details including, First Name, Second Name, Email Address, Location. Another is to choose one from three options i.e  BUYER, SELLER, BOTH. I’d suggest the third option “BOTH” So click on it and go ahead by clicking on SIGN UP button.


STEP-2: Now you see a SUCCESS notification at the top of the next page, below it you’ll see a message telling invite your friends to win some $, but I don’t think it’s time to do so, just ignore it, you’ve to set up your profile completely. In order to do it, Find “HI YourNAME” at the top right corner, click on it and click on “EDIT” next to the profile.

image of edit profile



Now, in the next page, you see a form where you’ve to fill in your details. Here the first and MORE IMPORTANT one is your “JOB TITLE” that plays a very important role being at this platform. Here you have to write down what type for jobs you can do i.e fill it with your experience or skills you have. For example, I’ve created a sample account for your understanding, let I’m a photo editing expert, so I’ll fill it as in below screenshot. Note that you can change it later easily.

Job title image

Next to it are “Cover photo” and “Profile Picture”, so just find a cover photo and upload it, I’d highly recommend using your own real photo as your profile picture, so that buyers can trust you. Also put your “Phone Number” in the field, and leave the hourly rate as it is i.e 10$ per hour. It doesn’t have any affect I think.

Next is to fill out some information about yourself, that is add a short bio and select your skills. In the “ABOUT” section, just write down a few lines about yourself in the appropriate box, next to it is to select your skills from the list, so type one by one and choose from the drop-down list as appears to add them to your profile. There’s an optional step as well, i.e to introduce yourself through a video, you can leave it or upload one.

Skill addition at pph profile

The next step is PORTFOLIO which is also an optional, but is highly recommended by me but it varies from type of skill you’ve and services you’re planning to provide. For example in photo editing, you must upload your recently edited/designed/retouched photos so that buyers can see them and gain trust on you. The portfolio may include your previous work you’ve done for someone else or at this platform previously. If you haven’t done yet, but have anything concerned as of skill you’ve mentioned in the skills field or job title, do upload it or take a screenshot and upload it. If you are not clear yet, just leave it for now.

Next is the location, so write down your location i.e city, country.

Next to it is an option “Notify Me About”, there are two options i.e Remote Work only and Remote and On-Site. So if you can provide on-site work by going at the place where your buyer needs, you can choose this option but on-site opportunities are very rare and it depends upon the skill you have. For example if you are a photographer, you must choose ON-SITE one option because you’ll be asked to attend an event to take photos. Some other types of skills may also requires you to attend the buyer physically, so first think and choose one. If you’ve chosen “REMOTE AND ON-SITE OPTION” you’ll have to provide your postcode and specify distance in Miles you can travel.

Once you have done that all, do click on “DONE” button at the bottom.

web jobs portfolio

Once you have done it, the next page gives you few options to tell the world about your profile, I don’t think it is beneficial at this stage for you, you can skip it for now. Or can share on your social network profiles by clicking on an appropriate social media button.


The Next step is that to apply for the jobs. But before you straight send proposals to the person who posted a job, you need to take one more step that includes uploading your CV and adding some additional information about yourself for verification. A very simple CV will also work pretty well, so download a pre-made template from internet, search google for the phrase “Simple CV template” and download one, edit it and save it on desktop or simple download THIS ONE created by me, then follow the instructions given below.

  1. First of all, head over to top-right corner and click on “SELL –>Browse Jobs”. Now here in the new page, you will see the latest jobs posted by people, what you have to do is click on the first job.
  2. Note that you aren’t going to apply for that job, since it’s your first time to send a proposal, you will need to complete your profile as a seller. So what you’ve to do is find “APPLY NOW” button at the end of the job description and click on it. Once you clicked on it, you’ll have to take five steps to go ahead.

Apply for freelance jobs

  • Personal Information: The first of all is to provide your information, You already done this in start, you can edit if you want or leave it as it is and click on continue button.
  1. Tell about your skills: The second and most important one is to tell about your skills. In the first box, you will need to enter your main THREE SKILLS. In the second box, you can enter up to 10 additional skills. Note that you must utilize these because it would have a good effect on your profile to standout at top so that buyers would have trust on you. Next to it is to UPLOAD YOUR CV, SKILL CERTIFICATE etc that at least demonstrate you have above skills. If you don’t have certificate of a skill then uploading a simple CV will work pretty well for you.  So make sure you have a CV/certificate in your computer, so browse and upload it, after uploading process completed, click on continue button. If you even don’t have a CV template, I’ve uploaded a simplest one for you, just download it and edit with your own details. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Adding skill image


  1. Connecting your Social Profiles: In the next step, you will be asked to connect your social network profiles, most importantly, linkedin and facebook. I recommend you at least connect one of them. Additionally, you can add URL’s of blog(s) if you have or leave it blank if you don’t have.
  2. On-Site Preferences: In the next step, you will be asked to set up your on-site preferences. This is related to only those who want to do on-site work for clients, so if you can attend your clients physically, then you’ve to do it otherwise, I won’t encourage you. It just includes adding your ZIP code and specification of distance you can go for the client. If you don’t wanna do so, just choose the second option that is “REMOTE WORK ONLY” and click on “CONTINUE” button.
  • Personalize your Application: Now at last, you will be asked if you want to upload a video (or a text) that have a message from you explaining why buyers should buy your services. If you can create video that tells about you, it would be great otherwise, it isn’t any problem. Click on the “SWITCH TO TEXT INSTEAD” and enter a message. See the below example how I expressed. Once you did it, just click on “SUBMIT APPLICATION”

                                                           CLICK TO READ TEXT CLEARLYpersonalize application

STEP-4: Now your application goes under review and you will get a confirmation email by them once they reviewed it. Hopefully to get it reviewed and approved within 1 or 2 days as it takes usually. Note that until your account is being approved, you can’t get jobs through peopleperhour platform. So you must wait for it to get approved by them. Once it approved, head over to the next step. i.e Go to this and try to apply for a job. But before you start applying, I recommend the below post to understand the platform first.

Understanding the Platform as a Seller – To Make Most out of it

Since in the above steps, we have gone through creating a legit seller account at peopleperhour freelance platform. I assume your seller application was approved. Now I would like to share my personal experience with you so that you get most out of it. Note that 100’s of people create an account and gets it approved but only a few gets job awarded. The problem is that they don’t understand how to use it effectively and in the right way. Also you need to impress your buyers so that they trust you.

Especially in starting, it will take a lot of time to get clients because you don’t have background in this platform, so you must accept a low price in first few projects. Anyway, let’s discuss everything in a sequence that you understand well…

The Rating System at PPH (CERT):

Before we start showing you how to get jobs, I would like to let you know about its rating system. The system is that once you do a job for a person, he will leave a feedback to on that job with a review, he has to give you stars out of FIVE stars. Now this belongs to the buyer, the more he is happy with your work, the more likely he would assign stars (Max 5 out of 5), so you must keep this ratio of any job as higher as possible. Every seller has a badge (called CERT) next to their profile so whenever he sends a proposal to the buyer, the buyer see it. The higher your CERT, the higher your chances of client to trust on you.

For instance, I’ve got CERT 4 with 6 review, all of 5/5 stars means 100% positive.(Don’t worry you’ll understand it time to time). Next to it is CERT 5, Top level etc etc.

freelance profile

Fixed and Per Hour Jobs

There are two types of jobs posted by people here, one is fixed price and other is per hour. For a fixed job, you will be paid what deal is done between you and your buyer. For hourly-based jobs, you will have to talk per-hour price, and then calculate the price accordingly. For instance, you sent a proposal of 20$/hour and buyer accepts. You worked for 5 hours, buyer have to pay you 100$ in total.

How to Apply and Get Home-Based Jobs from Here?

Well, so here we are in the middle, there are two ways to get online jobs using this platform, we are going to discuss it both one by one.

  1. Getting Online Jobs from Job-Board: We are now familiar with peopleperhour, so you know where to find the latest posted jobs i.e SELL –> Browse Jobs. And keep scrolling until you find a job that you think you’re able to do. Right-click and open it in a new tab. Read the description twice to know what the buyer wants. For example, I am a graphic designer, photo editor then I’d look for jobs like in below screenshot.

Jobs posted by people to apply

Here, I think in this job for an image editor who knows using photoshop software, isn’t any big deal and he can do this task very well. NOTE that the price also is very important but in start you should agree for a low budget jobs to get good reviews/feedbacks from your buyers. The more good reviews feed-backs/stars you get, the more your chances to get jobs in the future.

Note that for this job, the person had set the budget as 20$ which may look very low for a few but it doesn’t matter for me (and should for you as well) because we are in the starting and we’ve to bear it. I think the work described is a bit time-consuming but not difficult.

Anyway, if you’ve found a job and read the description and found that you can do it, next is to send a proposal to the buyer with some impressive words to let they agree to award a job to you. If you scroll down, you see the text “New Proposal”, you can record a video from your webcam to let the buyer know or leave a text message under it. But instead you just write down like “Hi… I can do this work for you please let me do it for you” I would emphasize to come up with a few lines with full of confidence such that you impress the buyer. Here in this case how your template should be……

                                                           CLICK IMAGE TO READ TEXT CLEARLY

Job proposal image


Once you did it and clicked on SEND button, you have sent your first proposal. Now wait till the buyer see your proposal and leave a reply, if replied and asked for any clarification, do reply accordingly. If asked for sample, do provide but don’t provide full work until your proposal is accepted. Once again I’d mention that you must keep an eye on what the buyer needs and write the proposal accordingly. Try to use such words that client trust on you, the more you goes with confident, the more your chances of getting jobs.

If you look at the above type of job, it looks a one-time task, if the deal gets done between buyer and seller, and seller provides 100 photos the job is completed. But there are clients looking for long-term relationship as well. For example here’s what I found while browsing…

Photo editing job for social media

Since the buyer needs a graphic designer for his/her social media profile and website, this type of work is more likely on regular based. Also this job is hourly-based. So you will be paid on hourly basis, you must specify per hour price while writing proposal breakdown.

  1. Let Clients Buy your Hourlies

Along with searching for latest jobs posted by people, you can create a (static) hourlie, and let buyers order it once they found it helpful. This is also a very good option and you must utilize it. Here we are going to share how you can create a hourlie and some tips to bring some buyers on that page to increase the chances of selling it.

How to create hourlie at peopleperhour?

  • First of all, head over to SELL–> Post Hourlie. Once you clicked on it, the new page appears asking for many information about your hourlie i.e what you will provide to your buyers and on what price?
  • At the very first, you need to add a title for your hourlie, which is how people will see once they searched for a hourlie. Keep it short, simple and attractive. Next to it is the number of days that might take from you to complete the task. Also choose the category of your work you will provide.

post hourlie service image

  • Next to it is adding relevant tags. I highly recommend adding maximum tags as it will help in appearing your hourlie to maximum buyers. So try adding as many as you can. After this you need to add a photo, video or write a quote that appears on your hourlie. An attractive and unique photo/video/quote is must because whenever you share it on social media or anyone sees it, he will be attracted and tends to see it. He may bookmark it and may buy it later.
  • Next to it is to write some details about your hourlie. This is what you will do for your buyer when they buy it and why they should choose you etc etc.
  • You can add optional add-ons to your hourlie to increase your earnings. See the screenshot for better understanding.About your service


  • Next to it is write a message what you will need from your buyers. For example in my hourlie, I will just need images from buyers and their needs i.e what type of editing they need in them.
  • Promote for FREE: This is a very nice and appreciable option from PPH for newbies and all. This is when you create a hourlie and want to give a discount to buyers if they buy in the next 24 hours. The fact is that PPH will send an email to most of their email subscribers telling about your discount that you offer (for example 30% off), at least you get views and some bookmarks which is a good sign. So you must implement this option.
  • After that, make a tick mark confirming you’ve read and will obey their terms and conditions. And click on “POST HOURLIE” button.

post your service

  • Bowahhh!!! You just published your first hourlie. Now you have to promote and publicize it. So share it on your social networks such as google+, twitter and facebook etc.

That’s all about Peopleperhour dear readers, I have tried my best to explain it in a way that everyone could able to understand it. And that’s why for someone it may be a bit lengthy. Hope you have gone through each step and applied as I have explained. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down or contact me via contact form.

My Personal Tips on How to get most out of PeoplePerHour?

  • Keep yourself online in your browser.
  • Keep checking the jobs time by time and try to send proposal as soon as possible.
  • Try some impressive words while talking with buyers.
  • Be specific what you will provide to the buyers
  • Be confident what you will provide
  • Reply to buyer as quick as possible to increase your response time!
  • Always tell them you can provide samples/proof of your work to gain their trust on you!
  • In starting, accept offers at low price.
  • Ask for a positive review from buyers when they buy your service.

Sell Your Services at FIVERR – Another Platform for Passive Income

Have you ever heard about it before? May be YES or NO! It doesn’t matter for me. I highly recommend you joining this platform along with the above mentioned. Note that there are tons of other platforms as well where you can find legit online jobs from home but these are what I personally have much experience with and have earned enough!

So let come to the point, If this is your first time, head over to and create an account. I think you are now familiar with creating an account. I don’t think giving more detailed steps is needed. (A quick tip is here to add username as your services you provide, for example suppose I’m provide graphic designing then my username will be graphicdesign88 graphic_designer123 etc etc).

Once you created an account, and verified your email. Now you have to edit your profile and complete it. So once you clicked on link from your email, you see a message at the top “EDIT YOUR PROFILE” click on it, if not seen then

There you will need to enter your full name. And add your billing information. So go through it and enter what they asks for and click SAVE.

It’s time to Create A GIG:

Once you have fill out all the details required, you have to create a gig and promote it so that buyers go through your gig and possibly & probably to buy it. So here are the steps to create a gig like a pro!

  1. First of all, head over to your profile at the top-right corner, click on it, move down up to SELLING–>Create Gig.create gig fiverr
  2. Now you have to complete 5 steps that are Overview–>Pricing–>Requirements–>Gallery–>Publish So in the first, you need to enter gig title, select category, add tags. We have already discussed them in the PPH hourlie, these are same.
  3. In the pricing, you have to choose add extra packages, but for starter, I would suggest choosing the STANDARD one. So choose it and select price from $5-$995 (as of your service charges). Below it, you have to name your package, for example “Basic Package” and describe it. Since it’s a basic package so just write in a few words what service you will provide. After that choose the delivery time which is how many days it will take you to deliver the service.
  4. In the next step, you have to ask your buyer for requirements. For example, a graphic designer having gig of photo editing will ask for “Images and type of editing needed”.
  5. Next is gig gallery that you have to upload a relevant image which explains your service as a picture so buyers understand it in the first glance.
  6. Once you did them all, you just need to publish it.

publish gig image

Once you published your gig, you can then share it on your social network profiles by clicking on the buttons provided.

That was all about fiverr. Note that there is no system of posting jobs and sending proposal to them as was in PPH. I hope you was able to understand this platform very well.

It’s Not the End, More Guides to Come!

Yes, we will be continuously updating you with more and more jobs guides, tips, tricks, case studies and other information that would be helpful for you. So you don’t need to disappoint if you didn’t yet started earnings from internet. Hopefully, the next topic from us will be right one for you. In case you don’t wan’t to miss our next article, put your email address in the below box, you’ll receive an email once put your email, you must open it and click on verification link to receive updates in future.

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Final Words

At last, quite happily I hope you have understood what I was trying to say. Also you have implemented it time by time, if you do so, I am very confident that you will be able to get jobs awarded soon. But getting jobs doesn’t requires only following these steps, it does includes few many things that is skill you have and you interest and passion. If you still have any problem or question then feel free to leave a comment below or contact me, I’ll be here to help you out!

Thanks for reading,

Basheer Ahmad

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