College Closed? 7 Online Jobs to do Now and Continue till Later

As everyone knows the fact that we live our lives due to the presence of all the important resources for our lives, we eat foods, attends functions and any other relevant activities in life.

We do all these activities when everything is normal but sometimes situation arises when people are compelled to stay at home and avoid their social activities due to any of the external force or kind of natural disaster.
One of the natural disasters we face in the current scenario that has confined all the people to only their houses being quarantined. So, what should be the best source of income in such situation? Well, in this article we are going to explain 7 ways of earning while going nowhere.

We actually present a list of jobs that you can do online from your sitting spot.

Freelance Article Writing
Online data Entry jobs
Online transcription jobs
Start a Blog
Graphic Designing
Online coaching
Be a Youtuber

Let’s try to go in detail through any of them and understand them from all the angles.

Online Jobs Quarantine


What is Freelance Article Writing?

Before coming towards freelance article writing let me grab your attention to what actually freelancing is.
Freelancing usually stands for a person being self-employed, using their skill to work for many employers at a time. Since in this type of job, you are provided with a task to get done, you can do more than one job at a time, for more than one person.

Freelance article writing

Freelance article writing is one of those expertise or professions that has got very much scope at freelancer.
Being an article writer, you will be hired from the clients for writing contents for their blogs etc. The more talented and hardworking you are the more opportunity is there for you to work and earn. So, this is one of the online jobs that you can go for while you are quarantined.

Your duty as an article writer

This is a simple and straightforward job that needs no hard skills but only command on writing among competitors. As an article writer you will always have to write accurate, proficient and unique contents for your clients in order to beat your competitors.

Requirements for the job

If you want to go for this job, then don’t worry about the requirements it needs. It needs you to have only a Pc and perhaps the internet connection for searching data that’s all.

Scope of Article writing

This job has got a never ending and unmatchable scope because millions of websites are there on the internet and for their smooth flow, they need data to be published on which is why article writers are needed all the time anywhere.

Platforms for the job

There are certain websites where people are looking contents writers and hire them, so you need to be registered on such sites like Freelancer, Upwork and fiver etc.

Online Data Entry Jobs

The second job that you can get is Online data entry, where the word online means connected on internet and data entry means putting data from hard copy to an electronic form.
So, online data entry is a job offered where you will have to just enter the given manual data into a database or any other computerized form as described by the company.

Requirements for the job

Most of the companies hire people for this job having considerable typing speed, reading and writing of the English language and more importantly computer related practical skills.

Scope of data entry job

The scope of data entry job cannot be denied because its demand it increasing time by time, from small offices like schools or medical labs to big departments like universities and embassies need to keep their data and for that they look for employees who can work online. So, not to worry about the scope’s graph is getting high and high with passage of time.

Where to do this job?

As we have mentioned before the job is online so you don’t have to personally visit any place and be hired but only you have to search the internet write a concerned proposal and upload it on different sites like Freelancer and Upwork etc. These are the website that are considered as market places for such jobs and opportunities.

Online Transcription Jobs


The importance and demand of transcription jobs is also noticeable, as we know that transcription is the process of converting an audio to a text file.
Transcription jobs are offered on the internet by different companies and the jobs are highly paid although some of them are time consuming and need training to master in.

There are three main types of transcription:

  • Medical transcription,
  • Legal transcription and
  • General transcription.

At the beginning of your work it may be hard a little bit, but you can become an effective transcriptionist by passing test and take considerable experience from the companies that offer such services.
So, experience is what matters a lot in transcription jobs.

Requirements for the job

The basic requirements are the same for this job as in others online jobs but here listening skills is the key factor that simply means to be quick in listening and typing at the same time.
Except of that you will obviously need a fast internet connection and a computer system and a quality headphone by which you can listen you the audio for the required period of time. So, all in all you should adopt all the mental as well as physical capabilities to work on this field and be an independent person.

Skills required to be a Transcriptionist:

The skills that you have to have for this profession are given below.

 You need to be a quick listener.
 You must have fast typing speed in order to be an effective transcriptionist.
 Internet browsing and other computer related skills are important for this job.
  Your vocabulary level should be strong.

Scope of the Transcription job

The scope of this online job is very high than any other single online job, because being as a transcriber you don’t have to work for months or years to be paid, instead you will be paid for your tasks even done in minutes.
There are certain websites that you have to search and get the job from one of those websites is named Waywithwords.

How much you will be paid?

If you want to be a transcriber then be in contact with any of the sites, for instance if you want to go for then you will realize that how much you can earn from this site.
If you work at non-experienced level then you will be paid $0.40 per 1-minute audio clip into a text file, in other case if you are an experienced person then you can earn up to $2 using this site.

Starting a Blog

One of the online jobs that you can do while staying at home is to create a Blog, this idea and step may get you meet your dreams and aims.

If you are unfamiliar with the term Blog just visit the site blogger, understand it and then create a Blog.
Blog you can say is a webpage or combination of webpages containing data according to a relevant field. The main difference between a Blog and website is that Blogs are updated on regular basis while on the other hand website are mostly static.

How to create a Blog?

Creating blog is as easy as eating a cake, just visit the website and create your concern Blog by providing necessary information to the website.

Idea for Blog creation

Perhaps the difficult stage while creating any Blog is to decide topic or title for your Blog.
This can easily be decided by understanding the fact that what is mostly being searched by people on the internet and for what purpose. Once you got this idea then you can decide as to which Blog should be implemented.

Requirements for Blog

While creating a blog initially you are only required to have a computer system an internet connection and basic browsing skills.
Once you created a Blog related to any specific field or area, then you will have to be consistent with it because it may get time other than your expectation. You will also have to upload relevant contents on regular basis. Doing SEO of your Blog, Google approval and having traffic on your Blog is the requirements to keep your Blog promoted.

Scope of Blogging

As far as scope and priority of Blogging is concerned, Blogging is considered to be a never-ending profession because as we know that the whole world is now been completely dependent on internet. People search internet many times a day for different purposes like Beauty and fitness tips, weight loss tips and for other educational purposes.
So, if you make your own Blog then of course your Blog will definitely be searched by all those people on the internet and you will earn money while being at home.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is the art or the skill to use pictures, text and other stuffs in magazines or books for the purpose of effective communication.
As we know the proverb “A picture can say more than a thousand words” so, if there is a visual presentation of something it is more understandable and effective. Now, as a job seeker it is a good option to be a graphic designer.

Requirements for Graphic designing

  In all the requirements the first thing it get little bit of knowledge and experience of graphic designing if you are not an expert in it.
  Excellent communication skills.
  Ability to work with different groups of people.
  Ability to finish work as per schedule.
  Familiarity to modern designing software and technologies.

Scope of Graphic designing

The scope and importance of Graphic designing is an elephant it the box means obvious and well observed, we can easily adopt the importance of Graphic designing by looking at the increasing demand of this field. Now a days almost every company somehow needs a graphic designer.

Especially, graphic designing is used in the creation of different websites and blogs, cards and banners etc. These are not the only uses in fact graphic designing is now considered the part of our lives.
So, due to its high demand clients further look for employees who can work as a graphic designer and hire them for work.

Skills required to be a Graphic designer

If you want to choose graphic designing as your job or profession then of course you should polish yourself by all the areas which are required for graphic designing.
Some of the requirements to become a Graphic designer are given below.
  As a graphic designer you must understand the term in depth.
  You should keep in touch with relevant technologies.
  Good communication skills.
  Expertise on photoshop, CorelDRAW and other alternatives.

Where to be a Graphic designer?

Graphic designing is a job offered by number of small and large companies. These jobs can be achieved by either visiting any of the company or can also be accessed on the internet.
You can become a Graphic designer nowhere else but at your own home by using internet. Now a day’s small shops are there and they offer services for part time as well as full time job. You can also take a project from the online market like Upwork, freelancer and fiverr etc.
So, being a graphic designer, you are not bound for any specific place but according to your own choice and settlement you can work.

Online Coaching

online coaching

Online coaching or teaching is also a great idea for you to start if you possess enough energy to teach a particular subject. Online coaching or instructing is a highly acceptable, respectable as well as highly paid job that you can do during the Quarantine and later on.
Online coaching is a term used to indicate the process of distant teaching which further means to teach something through internet.

Requirements for the job

To become an online instructor the first essential steps that you have to take are:
  Master any particular subject or subjects you want to teach.
 Work on your communication skills.
 Computer and internet’s basic skills.
 Write an effective proposal for what you are going to do.
 Call students to your services.

Scope of online Coaching/Tutoring

Scope of online coaching is overwhelming because teaching and learning process has never got to an end, which means that there is always a need for teachers and to fulfill this need a lot of people who are outside from their native land look forward to hire teachers for their children who can teach them online.

Be a Youtuber


Youtube is a business or social platform that is being used by Billions of people to earn money, especially in the circumstances when you are at home.
So, you can also become a Youtuber with a specific aim in your mind, YouTube allows you to create your own channel regarding any topic then upload concerned videos. If you properly go through all the process and as per Youtube policies then your channel will hit its target and will earn enough money.

How does a Youtube channel earn?

Youtube channel needs to be highly ranked and promoted in order to earn money, due to your quality videos your channel will mostly be watched, subscribed and liked and ultimately your channel will be ranked.

Requirements to become Youtuber:

Becoming a Youtuber is easy as well as hard, it is easy as it requires only few steps to create a channel but it is hard as it needs to be will maintained in the coming era.
Some of the requirements are:
 Computer and an internet connection.
 Deciding channel name, keeping in mind the demand of public.
  Uploading related videos on regular basis.
  Ranking your channel through views, likes and subscribers.
 A good communicator.

Scope of this job

Youtube is a term almost everyone is familiar with, and also with the policies as how to earn from This platform.
So, the opportunity to be a Youtuber is getting up high in the sky as the whole world is now dependent on Youtube. People search this to get tips for their health & fitness. Youtube is also being searched for the purpose to learn cooking.
Most importantly it is searched by people for educational and political aims. So, in whatever field you are expert in can lead you to your destination.


People do their jobs or run their own businesses in order to lead a balanced and happy life. These jobs can either be manual or online (on the internet).

Online job is very beneficial especially when you are only confined to home as in the current situation. This article actually aims to let you know guys that if you are not working in this disastrous moment then this will be a great decision to study to article and choose any of the 7 jobs for yourself which we have just explained one by one.
If you still have any confusion regarding any of the given jobs, you are welcomed to ask.

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