5 Top Websites Where Students Can Offer Their Graphic Designing Freelance Service

Online jobs are definitely better than a 9 to 5 job. You don’t have to get up early to get to the office, you don’t have to dress up, and you can easily work at your home while staying in your own comfort zone. Is there anything more comforting to earn money by working for a few hours while you stay at your home? I bet not. There are number of online jobs for college students that don’t require any degree or certifications, but you just have to possess the required skills for a particular job in order to perform well.

People who have graphic designing skills and want to showcase their skills to earn via it can have access to a number of online websites that can help them find an employer. However, the important thing to remember is that this is 2020. There are a number of online websites available, and choosing the wrong one could be a waste of time. Therefore, do a little research before offering your services to anyone. We will list for you the top and authentic websites that can help you earn money by working as graphic designer.


It is the most renowned freelance website. This website has strived throughout the years to earn a positive name and reputation. Reviews reveal that it has succeeded in doing so. Graphic designing is one of the famous freelance service on this website. Clients post a job and their requirements on fiverr to which interested candidates can apply. Clients can check out their profiles to analyze their skills, and if their skills match to what is required by the client, they would hire that freelancer.


This is another highly popular freelance website. This is one of the best platforms for online jobs for college students. It consists of 300k graphic designers that are working as freelancers on this platform. This count is enough to demonstrate the popularity of this website. A client can hire a freelance graphic designer via two ways. Either he will announce the job and wait for freelancers to respond to it, or he can visit profiles of graphic designer himself and hire the one he/she is attracted to or who possesses the required skills.

Graphic Designing Freelance Service

Graphic Designing Freelance Service


This is another platform where graphic designers can showcase their skills. A graphic designer is hired via this website by listing the job requirements and project descriptions. Freelancers send their work as a sample and the one with the best skills is hired ultimately.


A number of designers are working on this platform. Freelancers get the opportunity to display their portfolio. Clients visiting their profiles can evaluate their skills by looking at their portfolio. If your portfolio impresses the client, they will ultimately get to you and ask you to work for them.

Awesome web

This website puts a lot of focus into quality. Therefore, any individual who just want to pass time won’t be able to benefit from this website. Different talented and expert designers work on various projects on this website. If you are talented enough, then choose this platform.

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