5 Best Online Tutoring Jobs for College Students (Legit Sites)

Online tutoring has many benefits and good affects on our real lives, few can be felt direct while few others can’t be seen directly but STILL they exists! We will be explaining the benefits of teaching others through this article as well as, you will get tips on how to make your tutoring more effective and successful.

In conjunction with the above, we will be sharing few legit sites where you you can apply and can do online teaching in the subjects you have full control on. In reward of every class you present, you will get reward for your pocket money and that’s why we had titled the post as a good online job for college students.

Online TutoringYeah! No doubt, if you are a college student having good marks and have passion sharing your knowledge with others then you can earn decent amount of money during your spare time.

Why Online Tutoring for College Students?

Since online tutoring may become a bit tough job for students but if you are good as well ad having full confident, courage and passion you can do it for the below benefits!

  1. Earn Confident and Courage: Who don’t want to be more confident and courage ? Off course everyone wants. Teaching on internet is yet a great way of getting more confident.
  2. Share Knowledge: Education is INCOMPLETE without spreading it to the others!. Sharing your knowledge with the world on internet is a good way of spreading and making it fulfilled.
  3. Earn money as a student: With tutoring online, you can earn huge amount of money as well.
  4. Good part-time job: Online teaching is taken as a legit and good online job as you don’t need to out of you home in order to perform it. So for those students who want to do home-based job, it becomes a handy one.

What Makes Online Tutoring Successful?

As we said above, online teaching job may become a bit tight for some students but there are many things that can be taken under consideration in order to make your teaching effective, what they are? Look below: (as of my opinion)

  • Selection of Subject: Choosing the subject you want to teach plays the role as BONE in the body. You might be good enough in many subjects but chose the one for tutoring in which you have full control over. Also the one that you love to get others educated, getting motivation in while reading exploring in-depth. So the more you have control over, the more your teaching will be valuable. The more you have passion to spread about the more you tutoring become effective.
  • Passion to share knowledge: This is must canon for effectiveness and everyone should know why?
  • Have time to Explore: While teaching others, you must to be knowledge of what you are teaching. In order to gain knowledge, you need to give some time for exploring.
  • Good Communication Skills: You need to be skilled in communicating with others so that students can easily understand and that’s the key for effectiveness of your online teaching.

That’s not the end for making your teaching effective, but we assume it to be enough and look towards our next promise that is the list of legitimate sites that are good for online tutoring.

How can One Become a [GOOD] Online Tutor:

I have seen many starters who are good in tutoring others in offline field, but when it comes to online, they find it difficult to maintain its success and thus they cannot become a good person to carry on, in the same field. Well, here are some of my personal opinions, experiments and experienced-based thoughts you should follow.

  • Know and Fix Your Requirements:

The very first step to become a successful online tutor is that you have a clear mind about what you are going to do. It means fixing your specific niche. Then make it sure all the equipment needed for a tutor to go live are available. it includes a camera, voice recorder, whiteboard and other materials.

  • Observe your Audience and Deliver Accordingly

The next step in becoming a good online tutor is to regularly observe your audience, to whom you teach. Have a deep knowledge about their life-style, thinking capacity, abilities, location, behavior and cultural values. These will let you deliver according to their status, in such a way that they get most out of your lecture in minimum effort. The idea is same that we use in teaching in school.

  • Hierarchicalize (and Arrange) Your Topic to Ease

Arranging your topic to cover in a lecture can make it quite easy for students to understand. Starting from basic(easy) and going through advanced(difficult) things to go through in your topic. Moreover, it is highly recommended to use interactive tools such as slides, animations and other things to develop a peaceful background for learning.


The Best Online Tutoring Jobs Sites for College Students

Well, so here we are gonna share a list of trusted sites where you can teach others for getting the above mind-blowing benefits.

Tutor.com – Become a Tutor

Tutor.com is one among the best and most popular website for online tutoring job seekers. You can apply for a tutoring job at tutor.com if you are expert in a subject and want to share you knowledge with the world.

TutorVista – Teaching Jobs

TutorVista is a great platform for One-on-One online tutoring. It has the whiteboard availability which makes easy to understand for leaner but also becomes handy for teachers to taught with less effort.

InstaEDU – Become An Online Tutor

InstaEDU is a great and highly recommended platform where you can earn 20$/hour that you spend with your students. So the more you spend time with the tutor seekers while teaching them, the more you will earn money. Online tutoring jobs
The good thing about this one is that along with regular subjects such as maths, chemistry and physics etc, you can teach any other non-regular subject such as programming languages etc.

Aim 4 A – Tutors and E-tutors Wanted

Aim4a is yet another great platform for learning and teaching through internet. If you want to teach others and have minimum Bachelors degree, good teaching experience and free tie in schedule according to the time zones of Austrailia, Europe and North America.

online teaching job
You can apply for the job by sending your resume as an email. For more detailed instructions on what to send, read the link given above.

E-Tutor – Becoming An E-Tutor

E-tutor allows you show your passion of teaching and spread your knowledge with the world and earn money by teaching others right from your home. All you need to have a computer with internet connectivity, teaching experience (Certificate is preferred but not required) and at least Bachelor’s degree. For more details please head over to this link.

That’s it dear readers! I hope now you will be able to find an good and suitable online tutoring site where you can teach others to make some decent amount of money. If you can’t teach others but are looking for online jobs, DON’T WORRY we will come up with few more online jobs for college students in the future. Just wait for our next article or contact us if we could help you find a profitable job at your home.


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