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How to Turn Your Passion for Gaming into a Profitable Business

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You’re probably thinking all the time about your next big adventure. It would be even better if this new thing you are about to do would bring a financial gain. If you end your day with some explosive games just for relaxation, it means that the answer was just under your nose. The gaming industry has expanded in all directions lately, and it is not just about key combos anymore for a big win. Let’s see how you can turn your passion into a profitable business step by step.

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Become a Professional Gamer

Gaming is not just about luck or an enjoyable way to pass the time. To win the top player award, you need to master all kinds of strategies, be it a team effort or a mind-blowing solo move. If you are serious about becoming a professional gamer, there are certain steps you need to take. However, this road will not be paved just with fun and entertaining moments. It will take you even ten hours a day of gaming to perfect your way of playing. So, let’s see how you can start your career!

Find A Game You Are Good At

An endless passion for a game usually starts with finding the perfect one for you. Even though there are tons of games out there, only some of them are truly considered eSports. This means that only these selections can compete in international tournaments for big prizes. These games can be Hearthstone, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota, Overwatch, StarCraft, and many others. You can even earn handsome prizes by mastering Candy Crush strategies. Pick the one where you can use your best abilities.

Become A Great Solo And Team Player

Now, it is time for practice. Usually, the games have a live part, where you can find real players to fight with and against. This experience will prove to be nothing like playing with bots. You will need to unlock a whole different set of skills and strategies to succeed in beating a real experienced player. Don’t give up if you won’t win a single game in some time. Perseverance and determination complete the passion for a game.

Learn Key Strategies

Watch and read everything you can find on the web about the game of your choice. Learn how to master the most popular strategies, and give it time for small tricks. Once you grasped everything you found, it is time to create some special moves by yourself. It will be an ace up your sleeve to knock down your opponents for good.

Find The Gear That Resonates With Your Lifestyle

You will find tons of opinions on gaming forums about what makes a great PC. However, it is best to go with the gear that fits your lifestyle. You can go to showrooms or even events like ComicCon to test PCs, keyboards, headsets or computer mice to see how they work for you. Once you know for sure what you like, you can buy your arsenal away.

Join The Community Of Gamers

eSports, like any other kind of sports, is first and foremost about team playing. You need to control your emotions in the most challenging moments and keep collaborating with your teammates. This is why it is important to join a community of gamers as it will teach you the rules of the gaming world.

Join A Team

You know now the ins and outs of your game and have built a good reputation for yourself. It is time to move on and find a team. Usually, when the time comes, players can contact you themselves to become their colleague. You can also be proactive and contact them through MajorLeagueGaming which is the number one digital network that promotes eSports through competitions.

Enter Tournaments

The good news is that tournaments are taking place throughout the whole year. There are many chances for you to assert yourself as a challenging and capable player. However, you should make your way to competing in pro circuit levels. Here, you will win not only recognition but also money. So, your business is just about to begin.

Find Sponsors

Draw the attention of sponsors to get enough money to become a pro gamer. You need professional equipment to challenge the experts in this field.

So, these are the steps to becoming a professional gamer. Get ready to work all day long, but also enjoy every second of it. Now that you are all set up, you can win together with your team a part of the 20.7 million dollars prize pool.

Stream Video Games

If you are charismatic and good at playing video games, you can opt for a less stressful freelance career as a streamer. This implies that you have to pass over the border between enjoying the geek culture to the land of creators. In other words, you will get to entertain game lovers through live streaming. Here, you teach them how to play a certain story or experience a new release live for the first time. Let’s see how you can build a business on streaming.


You aren’t going to make it too far without a strong internet connection. So, ditch the WiFi and go for a professional modem or router. Next off would be a streaming software. There are many options out there, with OBS and Xsplit being some of the most popular.

As you are going to talk to a large digital audience, you are going to need a quality microphone. A webcam is not necessary, but your audience will love to see some instant face reaction when you die for the 100th time in Dark Souls.

The last point is your streaming channel of choice. The most popular right now is Twitch. You will find 9.7 million users that log in every day to watch streamers.

First Performances

Keep in mind that this is a performance and you shouldn’t be too serious about it. Your reactions can be a little farfetched to delight the audiences. Also, you will need to interact with your viewers through the online chat so that you can win them over as subscribers.


Your first streams might not have been able to gather many viewers. Don’t fret about it, and turn to some marketing tricks. Post your next streaming time on social media or your best recorded moments on YouTube. Some people might not need your tutorials right now, but they can really appreciate your work later on.

Make Some Money

Once you earned some experience and fans in this field, you can turn your passion into one of the profitable online jobs.

  • Monetize your Twitch account. There are some rules to respect to make a profit here. First off, you need 500 people as your average concurrent viewer count (this means that there should generally be 500 people watching each of your streams). Secondly, you need to commit to creating content no less than three times a week.
  • Monetize your YouTube account. Enable monetization on your YouTube account, and you will be able to earn some profit for each click you receive on your ads.
  • Get sponsorships. You are a source of prospective customers in the eyes of many companies. Once you gain a pretty number of subscribers, you can partner up with some businesses, ideally from the gaming world, and mention their products or even use them during your streams. It is a common practice that will earn you some handsome sponsorships.

All in all, today’s world made possible turning your passion for gaming into a profitable business. Like any other job, you are going to need to devote many hours to build up your success. However, you will enjoy every second of it.

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College Students Jobs Online

No More Confusion – Find Which Online Job to Do

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As a college student, money is usually always a little tight, and any opportunity to earn a bit extra is welcome. Student life can also be very busy, with lessons, homework, exams, and all the other activities. This means it is not always an option to find a job which requires that you are physically present every day. There is an alternative to these traditional jobs, though, and that is online jobs.

By now you have probably already heard about online jobs. They are jobs that can be done on your computer, from home. They fit well for students especially, since the free time you get from studying is much nicer spent at home, than at a workplace which might take a long time to get to. As a student, it is common that you also have your own laptop or desktop computer already, so you already have everything you need to start working online.

How do I find the right online job for me?

Online jobs cover a very wide category of jobs. They range from creative writing jobs to jobs where all you need to do is type information into databases. You can start your own business, work for a company, do freelancing, test products or simply fill surveys to earn some extra money. Many of the jobs require no previous experience or any special education, so it isn’t difficult for a college student to qualify for the job.

So here’s the point, what I meant is that your extra skill you already have comes in handy. or the field you are studying in your college regularly. The point is that let’s you are passion of doing graphic designing, and you already have command over photo designing/editing softwares like adobe photoshop etc and ready to take challenge. Then you’re probably to look for a freelance job online and find clients who needs a person like you. This can increase your proficiency as well. Same is the case of your studying field.

All this variety can be a little confusing, though. When the options are almost endless it can be hard to know which online job would be the right fit for you. In this blogpost, you will find an infographic, made by Surveybee, which suggests an online job for you based on a few questions about your interests and skills. It is a great start for your search for an online job, and can suggest the perfect job for you, or, at least, might inspire you as to what kind of job could be good for you to have.

If you didn’t find the perfect job for you in this infographic, don’t get discouraged. College Student Jobs offers posts with tons of inspiration as of what you could do online for money, so take all the inspiration you possibly can from this infographic, and keep looking. You are sure to find something that is just right for you!

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College Students Jobs Online

Find Legit Online Jobs From Home – Complete Guide

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Hey students and everyone reading this post, since most of the readers of this blog are students, that’s why I may call students throughout this post. Hope you’re doing well with your educational activities, your first priority MUST be getting it on with at least good GRADES!

It’s almost more than a year that I started this blog, keeping in mind to help out at least one student to start making money from internet, and I hope you’ve got some knowledge about online jobs from our previous posts, and I must say, those who’ve e and passion of doing work online and those who implemented what we’ve already discussed and resources we’ve shared would start making money online. As on average, I’m getting 5 Emails a day, around 40 Emails per week from students who asks me for further help to get a part-time job at home of their choice.  Along with emails, I also get messages through facebook page. I’ve helped out many of them to go on the right way of what they’ve asked for and hope they will start earning money from internet soon.

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Five Benefits of Online Tutoring You Should Know

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Online tutoring isn’t new. With hundreds of tutoring sites popping up all over the web, this is the best time to become a tutor! Who wouldn’t want to work from the comfort of home or their local coffee shop? I’m relatively new to the tutoring game, but I’ve learned there are plenty of perks to the job. Here is what I think are the five best benefits to being an online tutor:

1. Make your Own Schedule:

Currently, I’m a full-time student, so working a part-time job was difficult for me. If I wanted off for a holiday or a personal event, I would have to request off weeks in advance or pay someone to take my unwanted shifts. With online tutoring I get to choose when and where I want to work. When I need to travel somewhere, this doesn’t mean I need to postpone work and forgo getting paid. Even when I fly across several states to visit my family, I still have the luxury of working online to make some extra money. With the flexibility of online tutoring, you could even add this as a second source of income. I have several colleagues who use online tutoring along with their regular jobs as a way to make some extra money for vacations and holiday gifts.

online tutoring

2. Rewarding Experience:

Most tutors will agree that helping students learn is a rewarding experience. A lot of students will reach out to you at times they are frustrated or stressed out about their school work. Even by helping them solve one answer, you are lifting a weight off their shoulders and making their day a bit easier. By sharing your knowledge, you also help students learn and grow in their academic field. My favorite part of tutoring is when a student finally understands a concept that we have worked through together. You get a sense that you are making a difference in your students’ lives.

3. Become a Better Communicator:

Online Tutoring is not always an easy task. Just because you think the way you approach a problem makes sense, does not mean it will translate that way to the student. Once you get experience tutoring, you learn different ways to communicate. This may force you to see from the student’s perspective. You may need to break up a subject matter into the most basic elements or get straight to the point. Approaching problems different ways not only makes you a better communicator, but also sharpens your skills in whatever subjects you specialize in.

4. Build a Network:

Most tutoring sites allow you to establish a reputation and network of students. As you help students with their studies, they will leave good reviews on your profile or request you as their regular tutor. Having a good reputation usually results in students willing to pay a premium price for your tutoring services. These students may even recommend you to their friends and other student, further expanding your network.

5. Getting Paid

Not all tutoring sites are created equally, but for the most part, tutors make good money if they do their research.  Studypool has a great payment setup through PayPal. Students make down payments to tutors on questions they want answered. Once the questions have been answered and the student accepts them, the down payment is automatically funded to the tutors PayPal account. It’s as easy as it sounds. If you are hardworking, network, and build a reputation on you tutoring site, expect to make $20+/hour, and even more if you participate in live tutoring.

Hopefully this advice has helped you. If you do plan on becoming an online tutor here are some of my favorite tutoring sites: TutorMe, Studypool, and eTutorCloud. Good luck with your endeavors!

College Students Jobs Online

The Best Online Data Input Jobs for Students & Everyone

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When it comes to online money making ways and home-based jobs on internet, data input tasks are considered as one of the easiest tasks to do. Tons of companies and individuals have sometimes getting some data entry work to get done and they don’t have enough time to do it himself because they have some more important work to do in order to maintain their everyday work.

So what happens is, freelancers comes in handy In such situations that is the clients grant that work to freelancer’s to get it completed. While on the other hand, they have time to do it and due to past experiences they don’t taking a lot of their time to complete the task. The result is clear that clients are getting their required work completed while freelancers are getting money in reward of the task (which may be fixed before handing over to them or after completion)


Now who are the freelancers? Everyone know what this word means and who become eligible have to be named as this. What I’m gonna explain is that you can also become one of them if you have passion to work online for money. If you’ve this, other steps are easy to become a freelancer and make some decent amount of money right from your home. Here in this post, we are going to have a detailed guide on data input jobs online for you.

Easiest Online Job For Students? (My Personal Experience)data input jobs

Literally, there is now any job that is easy to do for everyone but is varies from person to person. A person would easily complete a task while another one may be even not able to start it because of skill and past experience which are the two basis for each tasks. But if you are a starter and just wanna know about one of the easiest(s) jobs to know about, then my personal experience says that data input would be one of them.

It is quite obvious that you must experiment and get skilled in it before you do it for someone else, the purpose i named it an easiest is for those who’re looking for such jobs that are easy to understand and to get command over it.

What Are Data Input Jobs?

Now, let suppose you just dived into this page because you wanna get some job In order to make money, but you’re a starter such that you even don’t know about this type of work. Don’t worry we’ve covered up you too….

Most of the people also call it by data entry jobs as well as typing jobs. Under data inputting, there are several types too. In most cases you will be given a data in one file or as an image that you will need to put into notepad, Microsoft word or Microsoft Excel. Actually people have only specific data needed from those files that’s and to remove the unwanted details from it. Such tasks taking much time of them but since you’ll have experience once you’ve done few similar projects, you will do it efficiently.

Eligibility Criteria for Online Data Input Jobs

Whenever we are talking about internet-based work the person’s qualifications are neglected. Actually clients doesn’t care about their educational qualification. What they care is experience and confident. The more you are experience, the more you will be confident, the more you confidently impress your clients of your experience, the more they’ll hire you happily. So everyone who goes with confident to the client would be eligible for any type of job online. And same is the case with online typing or inputting jobs.

Where and How to Find Data Input Jobs on Internet?

Data input jobs can be found on internet by looking carefully at every single place where clients are. Where they are? You don’t have to go elsewhere because here is the list of best resources for you where you can find and send proposals to get projects for yourself.

People Per Hour – The Best Freelance Platform

I have personally made most of my freelance income through this website where people are mostly from UK and they are offering fair enough for their projects. Another good thing I like is that it has tons of clients who are posting jobs In thousands on daily basis. While exploring on this site, I have found hundreds of them about data input jobs. Since it’s a platform for every individual where they can post a job in order to get it done by freelancers, that’s why everyone have probability to get the task awarded.

I would encourage you visiting THIS LINK and keep refreshing it after every 20 minutes when you are free in order to keep the newly posted jobs under your eyes and be ready to apply for them to get it.


Upwork is yet another great place dedicated for hard-working freelancers. If you are very new to the freelance data input or any other jobs, I wouldn’t suggest start using this site from right now, rather, you should use any other platform in order to understand and get some experience in convincing clients to let they trust you and give you the task to do it for them.

Actually, it might be confusing quite a bit for newbies to use this platform. The one fact is that there are some tests based upon your chosen skill category, the highest marks you obtained in the test, the higher chances clients accept your job proposal. In order to pass the test with good percentage, you first need some experiences, which can be gained working outside of this platform.

But it never be neglected, keep in mind that am one of the fans of this platform but the suggestions to not join it if you are in starting point is that don’t to wait your time understanding client’s needs, getting confidence, experience etc. It is a best marketplace for freelancers as well as clients where clients get their job done within the time and quality of work and workers are getting fair enough money in reward.

Coming to our main point, Data Input Online Jobs,  I have found hundreds of clients posting such jobs on daily basis, so once you fully understand the freelancing and other aspects, join this marketplace and start searching these jobs and send proposals right away.

Fiverr – where you sell services at $5 or more

I don’t think it would be any surprising name for those who had read at least one article about freelancing platform. It’s the first step for most of the successful freelance workers on internet and I can say confidently, it’s was (and still) the primary way of making money on internet in case of most of the freelancers.

So if this is your first step in freelancing world, I would suggest jumping out to FIVERR and creating an account. But note that the process here at fiverr is different than the two mentioned above.

Here’s what you need to do next is create a gig about your service you can provide for five dollars. For a successful gig creation, I recommend browsing this site and finding your competitor’s gigs and following them only to get ideas for your new gigs. Once you created a gig, don’t leave them alone, give them your favor by sharing it in maximum social profiles in order to give them some boost which will help in gaining some interested people as well as call fiverrs to pay attention, once they gave and brought them in their search results, You may see some clients coming in. To fully understand this process please google for some tips to get orders quickly on fiverr.

What Now?

Dear loved students, you’ve read this blog post but doesn’t means your earning will start from today’s night or by tomorrow. Now you have to keep the things in mind what I mentioned above and create accounts in marketplaces I shared in this article. Follow the instructions and go ahead. If you have any problems, do note it and shoot an email to us via our contact us form for any help. We will be happily try to help you out.

Voice Over Jobs Online

Voice Over Jobs Online – Let’s Turn Free Time Into Money

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Hello job seekers!

I have come after a long time to share a new way of making money from internet. It’s actually not a new way but since other people either don’t give it the importance or may be due to selfishness, they don’t want to know others about this type of job available on internet.

Actually, we are talking about Online Voice Over Jobs, whose clients are increasing day by day like the others jobs we discussed earlier. In this article, I’m gonna share the full scenario and its basic requirements for you so that you will easily understand whether this job is for you or NOT.

We will be going through the full explanation process step-by-step in order to let you understand easily. Since our main focus is finding and sharing online jobs that are good for college students (but not limited to) that’s why we writing up in simple words in order to make it understandable for everyone.

voice over jobs

So before we get started with resources where you can get clients for this job, it would be great to clear your mind of few common questions that may arises in your mind. Here’s what they are?

What are Voice Over Jobs?

In voice over, your duty is only to speak in your own mind on the given videos.  In simple words, you will be given a written script which you have to speak accordingly and record it on your computer. Watch the recorded video, if it looks fine, hand over to the clients and you are done.

So if you are blessed with a sweet voice then why not utilize it and make it a way to make money from internet.

TIP: Check out Online Tutoring Jobs Article

Basic Requirements for Voice Over Jobs?

Qualification: One thing I am always mentioning that, educational qualification doesn’t matter a lot when we are talking about online jobs. Clients don’t care about your education.

Age and Gender:  Yes it matters aggregately, but it varies from client to client, so you don’t have to worry anything about this. Actually some clients would prefer a person with age limit 17-30 while other may prefer elder than that. So you need to find someone according to your age. When it comes to gender, I’ve seen some clients who need only Males while other are looking for only Females but again it isn’t any issue. There are some who even don’t care about it. They actually needs a beautiful voice to be added to their videos. That’s all for them.

 Voice: It is quite definite that the more your voice is sweet such that it attracts people’s mind, the more you are chances to get hired.

Speaking Skill: Along with the sweet voice, in voice over jobs you need to have to be good command over  English language as well as ability of narration such that it attract watcher’s mind.

How to Find Clients for Voice Over Jobs

So you have read the above portion of this article and found the ability in yourself to perform such tasks then you can make it your home-based online job and can earn decent amount of money. Since It is all clear therefore, now let’s see what are the available resources to find clients and start working for them.

Freelance Voice-Over Jobs Online at UpWork

Upwork, which is one amongst the most famous online job board sites and is known to almost every single freelancer as it has tons of clients bringing for them. Along with all other categories where freelancers are ready to send proposals when a client post a job has a category voice over. Since you are looking for voice-over jobs you have to go through THIS LINK where you will find most recent posted jobs by clients that all will be about voice-over. So browse that page, find which one you can do and read about their descriptions. If you already have an account go ahead with proposal while if you don’t have, first create an account and then send a proposal.

People Per Hour – Another Place to Find Voice Over Jobs

Now, let’s try out my favorite platform. I am surfing my most of the time on this platform and I found many types of jobs published every day and one of them is Voice-Over. As compared to upwork, I found less jobs under this category but you still have chances to get hired as some good number of jobs are posted daily on this platform.

So what you need to do is take a look at latest published jobs at peopleperhour and browse for what you are looking for, once you found a job posted, read the description, if you are able to do it. The next step is to send a proposal for it. It will asks you to log in before you do it. If you already have an account, just log in while if you don’t have an account of PPH yet, then create an account as fast as possible and go through the process once again.

Note that if you have just created an account and not yet sent a proposal, for the first time you’re sending a proposal, it takes some time because you need to fill out some details including CV and other information about you. Once you submitted, it usually taking 24 hours to get verified, once you did that, you can send up to 15 proposals a month now.

Voice over Jobs at which promotes himself as the world’s no #1 marketplace for voice over. But do you know who makes it able to be the #1?  Absolutely freelancer voice producers like you! Don’t be wondering, it’s the truth you are hearing.

If you need a bit to know about it before you got through it, unlike the upwork and PPH we just discovered above, it is a specialized platform for voice-overs where clients thirst of voiceover project are ended and producers are getting hired.

Since you are skilled in production, so you will need to create a free account in order to browse the already published jobs and apply for them.  After account creation, you will be asked to upload at least one sample of your work which will make your profile trust-able.

That’s fair enough for now dear students. Hope you have got a new idea through our today’s article. We are planning to shoot you by another article with new ideas and resources, in order to get notified, subscribe to us by email and we’ll inform you. To subscribe, visit our homepage and find out email box at right sidebar.


College Students Jobs Online Online-Tutoring

5 Best Online Tutoring Jobs for College Students (Legit Sites)

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Online tutoring has many benefits and good affects on our real lives, few can be felt direct while few others can’t be seen directly but STILL they exists! We will be explaining the benefits of teaching others through this article as well as, you will get tips on how to make your tutoring more effective and successful.

In conjunction with the above, we will be sharing few legit sites where you you can apply and can do online teaching in the subjects you have full control on. In reward of every class you present, you will get reward for your pocket money and that’s why we had titled the post as a good online job for college students. Continue reading